Nigerian Parents See Their Children As Their Retirement Pension…… [How True?]

Nigerian parents see their children as their retirement pension. Most of them don’t even get to retirement age before they start claiming this pension.

You will hear a mum saying that one child is very stingy and that such a child will not give to her when he/she grows up and starts making money. A child that is still in Primary or Secondary school o.

Some will say they had plenty kids so that their future will be secured. Kids that they don’t have the capacity to train well most times.
They put so much burden on these young shoulders that some of them end up struggling till the end of their lives.

A young girl that is still in higher institution will be sending money home, while going home she will buy expensive gifts way above her allowances for her parents and siblings, no one will question the source of the money. If anyone raises an eyebrow, the parents will say they are eating the fruits of their labour.

When I was in school, I had this friend. She was just 20yrs old but was already carrying the responsibilities in the home. She was the second child and had three younger ones who were still in school.

Her mum would call her and complain about house rent, feeding in the home, how they chased one of her younger ones from school for owing school fees, e.t.c. God! She will threaten and blackmail this girl to do something. She would say

‘I am your mother, don’t allow me to be put to shame, it would be a curse on your head’.
Mind you, her boyfriend was the one sponsoring her in school.
The poor girl will do all sorts including ‘runs’ to settle her people at home. How old were these parents? late 40s or early 50s!

It is only in Nigeria that you will see parents that can still hustle sitting at home and waiting for their child who just secured a job to be sending them monthly allowance. The child will marry and still be sending them money to avoid trouble with their spouses. These young men and women will keep struggling to make enough money for both their new family and old family.

Some very greedy parents will not even allow their child to get married so that the allowances and gifts will not be affected. They won’t discuss marriage with him/her and will reject any suitor or lady that they bring home for marriage. Some even go diabolical. The smart ones will pick a wife for their sons, a woman they can control and manipulate in order to keep extorting money from him. Hmmmmm.

I am not saying it is bad to take care of one’s parents, infact it is a blessing to take care of them. I am saying parents should allow their children to be well established, they should support them and make them to be grounded financially. They should also work if they are not sick or weak and retire when it is the right time to retire. They should not overwhelm their children with demands especially the ones who are still struggling.

May God deliver all those suffering in the hands of end time parents.

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