Nigerian rapper Ycee: ‘Gender Equality Is Not About Slap Me I Slap You Back’

Nigerian rapper Oludemilade Martin Alejo, popularly known by his stage name Ycee, has taken to social media to make a case for women. The rapper noted that many Nigerian men do not respect the women around them. Ycee advised men not to use gender equality as an excuse to treat women badly.

The rapper talked about gender quality in Nigeria and respect given to women. Ycee had noted that a large percentage of Nigerian men do not respect women.

The rapper further expressed that he does not like when people make gender equality mean less. He advised men not to make it into an excuse to abuse women.

He said: “I hate when y’all say this; Gender equality isn’t about slap me I slap you back You sound like you’re just looking for an excuse to abuse women with this logic. Unlearn and educate yourself.”

The singer have raised this topic due to the fact that many people in Nigeria still believe that men are more important than women.


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