Nigerian Scientist Builds Device To Replace Mobile Recharge Cards

Engr Danazumi Ibrahim

A Nigerian scientist, Michael Friday, has invented a device, ‘Mobile Intercom’, to help telecommunications services subscribers avoid buying recharge cards.

Speaking on what prompted him for the invention, Friday explained that the quest to free Nigerians from over-dependence on highly expensive imported telecom services, informed his decision to come up with the innovative idea.

While remembering the frustrations he went through to draw the attention of the authorities to patent his inventions, he noted that he would require financial grants so that Nigerians can benefit from the discovery.

“Instead of going through Wi-Fi, our chip sets can transmit up to 5,000 meters, which is about 5 kilometers or there about. So, if we are able to succeed in developing our own chip sets now, you will see that in an estate, you don’t need to pay money to a telecommunication company to communicate. In the US today, nobody buys credit anymore. All they buy is subscription. When you buy your subscription your data and your call card and everything is embedded in one”, he said.

Meanwhile, Engr Danazumi Ibrahim, Director General, National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), who welcomed the initiative, was not pleased that over 90 per cent of the technology in the ICT, transportation, automobile and electronic sectors in Nigeria are imported.

The Director General, who noted that funding remains the major factor that hinders the growth of indigenous technology, agreed that the inventive work undertaken by Friday was what is required to achieve the technological advancement of the country.

The Director General, however, promised to accelerate action to ensure Michael’s work is patented accordingly, disclosing with the aim of between 2015 to date; his office has patented over 50 intellectual properties of Nigerian scientists and investors.


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