Nigerian Songs Don’t Last Long Anymore – Harrysong


Harrison Okiri, Nigerian Afropop-dancehall singer better known as Harrysong, says Nigerian songs do not last as long as they use to anymore.

He made this disclosure in an interview with HipTV while sharing his opinion on the significant changes that have taken place in the Nigerian music industry over the years.

According to him, singers weren’t always under the pressure to put up new hit songs within short intervals but the status quo has now shortened the lifespan of every new release that artistes are unduly pressured.

“Most significant change in the music industry? In the Nigerian music industry, how quick the song sours is quite challenging.  It just takes more work. You’ll have to evolve more and be more creative,” he said.

“Before, we used to have hit songs that’ll last you for like a year or two. But now, six months and you have to put out something new. It’s quite challenging but it’s okay. We’re here for it.”

Speaking further, Harrysong expressed concerns about the overbearing nature of the expectations fans have of celebrities and music artistes in the industry  — a situation he said has forced many of his colleagues to “put more fire on the fake life”.

“The most common misconception about artistes in Nigeria is seeing them as superheroes. It’s pushing lots of my colleagues to put more fire on the fake life. Come on! Take it easy, They are humans. Show love and try accepting people for who they are,” he added.

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