Nigerian Startup, BitPowr Launches To Provide Blockchain, Crypto Infrastructure For Businesses

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Nigerian startup BitPowr has launched operations, providing blockchain API, wallet and digital assets infrastructure for businesses.

Founded in stealth in early 2021, BitPowr provides infrastructure for businesses and organisations looking to create, manage and secure their crypto wallets using the blockchain network.

The startup offers a wallet API – a complete suite wallet management solution that lets businesses create and manage different types of wallets for different blockchain and different use cases – and a payments API which enables them to easily accept crypto payments.

“Our vision is to build “AWS for crypto”, in the sense that we power any kind of business that wants to build on the blockchain,” said Toby Oyetoke, BitPowr’s CEO and CTO.

“The cost of building on the blockchain is very high. You need really good skilled software or blockchain engineers who will develop and maintain the product, resources to build the application, cost of running and maintaining the nodes. You also need to cater for monitoring transactions, security… For a new startup not making much money yet, you’ll end up spending so much on integrating the blockchain rather than building your product.”

BitPowr fills the gap here, and plans to charge subscription fees to its platform. Having been operating in stealth mode for a few months now with clients based in Nigeria and Cameroon, BitPowr plans to expand to other African countries in the second quarter of this year.

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