Nigerian Startup, Tabulio Creates Social Network for African Tech Talent

Tabulio, a Nigerian startup, has created a social network to connect African IT talent with worldwide prospects.

Tabulio is a social networking platform that allows users to share their works, connect with companies, and network with IT talent. It was founded in 2019 by Tosh Ajibade and Chris Steve and will be released as an MVP in 2021.

“After personally experiencing some of the hardships faced by African talents in accessing global opportunities, we set out to build a platform where tech talents can showcase their skills and get connected with job opportunities,” Ajibade told Disrupt Africa. “Unlike another social networking platforms with a primary focus on social capital, we focus more on technical expertise and proficiency. Our goal is to connect every capable tech talent to opportunities.”

Tabulio officially launched in May of last year after a successful beta period, with over 5,000 users. Thus far, approximately 1,500 projects have been listed on the platform. According to Ajibade, it offered techies with a centralized platform for sharing and showcasing all types of work.

“Developers previously had no dedicated platform to show the codes and repos they have worked on as part of their portfolio,” he said. “We also offer access to a community of tech talents to connect and collaborate with; visibility to employers, hiring managers, and global recruiters; and access to global job opportunities.”

Tabulio, on the other hand, provides access to a big pool of talent for firms looking for tech personnel or freelancers. In order to facilitate education and upskill users, the firm has also worked with prominent learning partners in Nigeria, such as Treford and Uranus.

Tabulio generates revenue through subscriptions, advertising, and digital product commissions, and has quickly acquired a global audience.

“The majority of our users are from Nigeria, but there are also a couple of users from Ghana, India, Pakistan, and most parts of Europe,” said Ajibade.

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