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Nigerian Wedding: Here’s How You Can Keep Your Valuables Safe At A Typical Wedding

As glamorous and fun as a wedding party might be, there are some dark sides to the whole excitement. The most terrible thing that can happen to you at a wedding is misplacing your valuables.

The thought of not going back home with all you brought to the party is heartbreaking. Not everyone came to slay, some came to steal. Sadly, thieves attend parties too in their finest outfit.

Since, they can’t be identified, they can’t also be denied entrance, here are few tips on how to keep your valuables safe at a wedding.

1.Have A Friend Or A Partner At The Event

Asides the fact that every wedding or Owambe is much more fun when you have a friend around, you both can take turns to watch each others stuff. If you both have to leave at once, please carry your things with you, except you know someone else before the party.

Don’t trust anybody at the wedding because you’ve taken lots of selfies together or because the person has a great smile!

2.Leave Most Of Your Gadgets At Home

This might be obvious way, but for emphasis, if you don’t need it, don’t bring it. You don’t need to carry your 2 tablets, your iPhone, a digital camera, your e-book reader and all your credit cards.

The truth is you’ll not need all of them at the wedding, you need to show off at the expense of loosing your valuables. Keeping your valuable safe will be easier if you don’t have a lot of valuables to worry about.

3.Don’t Be Carried Away

As you enjoy yourself at the wedding, try not to get too carried away. You don’t have to bring out every thing in your bag to find one thing or start counting lots of money obviously. These kind of things might attract the wrong people to you.

4.Take A Power Bank Along With You

At some point, you’re likely to run out of battery life as you take selfies and all, so come prepared. Instead of looking for sockets to charge at the wedding venue, or begging the DJ to find a space for you, just invest in a power bank today. A power bank is a life saver.

5.Be Security Conscious

The best way to avoid a thief is to think like one. Try not to be naive and stat looking for funny signs or suspicious moves. Basically, be careful, be at alert and be aware of your environment.


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