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Nigeria’s Cars And Prices: Checkout The Ones You Can Afford

Innoson Cars

Do you intend buying a car, but the dollar to Naira rate won’t let that dream come true? Well, checkout the affordable price range for your dream car. Millions of Nigerians cannot allow buying a new car because it is too expensive. However, the biggest Nigerian car manufacturer says everyone will be able to purchase a new vehicle for N1.5m soon. Keep on reading the article to get more details.

Innoson motors price list

Cheap cars in Nigeria

The considerable part of cars in Nigeria are imported. Their prices are quite high because of the instability of exchange rates. Considering this fact, it is an excellent time to pay attention to cars made in Nigeria. Thus, the biggest vehicle manufacturer in the country, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing, (IVM) offers its brand new automobiles for as low as N1.5m.

Cars made in Nigeria are promised to cheapen soon. IVM has already become popular in Nigeria. For example, the convoy of ex-Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan had minimum three IVM vehicles.

ex-Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan

The present Senate President Bukola Saraki and other prominent Nigerian politicians have several IVM cars in their official motorcade.

The government of Nigeria has already made New Automotive Industry Policy Development, an important part of Nigeria’s economic development. This policy is primarily intended to lessen the invasion of second-hand cars and to reorganize this industrial sector of the economy.

Innoson motors cars in Nigeria

Presently, the price of cars in Nigeria vary very much. The present state of the economy does not allow most Nigerians buying a new automobile. According to company`s Director for the car maker, Cornel Osigwe, Innoson Motors Nigeria has recently shifted its primary focus to the bigger part of the Nigerian automotive market. They decided to produce an affordable car that will undoubtedly challenge well-known foreign brands in its class.

Innoson cars

Advantages of Innoson cars:

  • Affordable price
  • Built for Nigerian roads
  • Modern and comfortable car
  • All vehicles correspond urgent needs of an average car user in Nigeria
  • Three years gear, engine, and axle’s warranty.

Innoson Motors Nigeria manufactures SUV’s, sedans, mini-buses, luxury buses, trucks, and ambulances. According to the CEO of Innoson Motors Nigeria, Dr. Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma, the most affordable cars the company has on offer are:

  • Innoson 7 seater Mini-Bus (IVM UZO4): N2,5m
  • Innoson Mini Bus Single Cabin (IVM UZO5): N3,5m
  • Innoson Fox Saloon (IVM Fox): N3,52m
Innoson Fox Saloon
  • Innoson Umu Saloon (IVM Umu): N3,6m
Innoson Umu Saloon

The Innoson`s CEO declares that an average worker in Nigeria can afford such a price. He also emphasizes this price is far economical than numerous automobile brands in the same category.

Dr. Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma has assured the Nigerian buyers that the entire production team of his company has been doing its best to release the N1.5m car to the Nigerian market soon.

Innoson cars in Nigeria


Now, according to Innoson motors price list, we see that the most affordable cars now cost from N 2,5m to N3,6m. The company promises a vehicle for N1,5 m. The government also supports the program to encourage our people to buy more Nigerian made cars. If Innoson Motors Nigeria adheres to the stated prices, it is evident that a large number of Nigerian will prefer affordable products of the domestic manufacturer.


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