NIMC Launches 5-Year ‘Digital Identity Ecosystem’ Program

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), has adopted Identity Ecosystem program that will see data collection service providers enrol the citizens on behalf of the Commission and issue them their National Identification Number (NIN).

The Pre-Bid Conference of the Identity Ecosystem to be implemented by the National Identity Management Commission held on Monday Nov 4, 2019 at the International Conference Centre, Abuja.

The conference was aimed at educating prospective applicants on the whole essence of the NIMS project and the roles of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the Identity Ecosystem.

A good reference point of the program is the INDIA’S National ID program, Aadhaar.

Cross section of participants

Aadhaar has been a success story in helping overcome the development challenges of the country over six decades since its independence.

India has a population of over 1.2billion.

Enrolling the population would have been impossible without adopting the Ecosystem Approach, NIMC pointed out.

Thus, Unique Identity Authority of India- UIDAI – adopted an innovative ecosystem approach to achieving scale of enrolments, as required to cover 1.25 billion residents under the program.

As the apex body, UIDAI was responsible for maintaining the core identity infrastructure and systems, while the task of conducting enrolments was managed through a network of “registrars” (a government agency authorized by UIDAI for the purpose of enrolling individuals) and “enrolment agencies” (a government or private agency that captures demographic and biometric data of residents at the enrolment stations).

UIDAI also created a training and operator certification ecosystem to support the registrars and enrolment agencies. Registrars are provided an incentive of roughly US$1 per successful enrolment.

This incentive acts as a catalyst for scaling up enrolment infrastructure and conducting genuine enrolments.

This approach is what NIMC is embarking on.

The Commission said it believes partnering with the public, private sectors will ensure over 180M Nigerians and legal residents are captured into the NIDB.

It is expected that complaints of inadequate Enrollment Centres, Overcrowded NIMC offices will be solved.

The World Bank, European Union and Agence Francaise de Developpment is funding this project.

Speaking at the pre-bid conference for Prospective Data Collection Service Providers on the Digital Identity Ecosystem Project, the DG/CEO, Engr Aliyu Aziz emphasized that the National Identification Number (NIN) is more important than the eID Card.

He said that technology is advancing hence Nigeria needs to go with the trend.

“The NIN is sufficient to identify you as it’s verifiable and can be authenticated as well”, Engr. Aziz said.

Stressing on the benefits of the Digital Identity Ecosystem, the DGM / SA to DG/CEO, Uche Chigbo said it will engender financial Inclusion, women empowerment and restoration of growth in the economy.

The Digital Identity Ecosystem is to last for 5 years.

Public and Private sectors will be invited and licensed to enrol on behalf of NIMC.

“The project is performance driven and payment will be made for each successful enrolment captured by the partners”, Chigbo said.


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