Nine High Demand & Fast Selling Products To Sell Online In Nigeria

The business of selling products online in Nigeria has been a very competitive one recently, as many people have discovered the importance of patronizing e-commerce stores or online vendors so as to reduce stress and sometimes cost to some extent.

In Fact this day, every entrepreneur wants their business to have an online presence as the market there is highly demanding. Despite the fact that there are lots of products online that people sell, just a few of them are high in-demand online products. For you to acquire customers and succeed in this business you must have the skills to market your products and the drive to succeed in the business.

Now to give you a head start on products to sell online in Nigeria, here are the top 9 high demand products to sell online in Nigeria in 2019.

#1. Electronics

Electronics is one of the highest demand products to sell online in Nigeria. Every household has more one than one electronics and not just households but offices, shops, schools. So this product has a large market and it is easily sellable. Top brands in electronics are Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL, Canon and so on. These are some electronic products that you can sell online in Nigeria.

  • Television and videos: LED TVs, Smart TVs, Televisions, DVD players, PlayStation.
  • Cameras: Camcorders, digital cameras, video surveillance, projectors.
  • Generators and portable powers: Generators, inverters, solar power, stabilizers.
  • Audio: Home theatre, Bluetooth speakers, sound bars.
  • Musical instrument: Guitar, keyboard, and MIDI.

#2. Fashion 

Food, water, clothing, and shelter are the 4 basic needs of man and fashion comes under clothing. These days, the fashion industry has received a good number of patronage from online vendors. Interestingly, you don’t need a huge capital to start an online fashion business. With little capital, you can start selling the following high in-demand products online. 

  • Men’s Fashion: T-Shirts & Polos, Jeans, Corporate Suites, Shoes, Watches, Underwear, Sleepwear, etc.
  • Women’s Fashion: Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories, Shoes, Handbags, Traditional Wears, Maternity Gowns, Underwears, and Sleepwear.
  • Others: Baby Wears, Wedding Gowns, School Uniforms, Travelling Bags, etc. 

Some of the most common fashion product you can easily sell includes Shoes, Bags, Watches, T-shirts, and Jewelry.

#3. Health And Beauty

We all have the need to be healthy and beautiful. Health and beauty products are another super amazing products that have a very massive audience. The demand for these products cannot be overemphasized, especially among females between the age of 18 – 40 in Nigeria. Here are the best products that people demand online in Nigeria.

  • Beauty & Personal Care: Skincare, Haircare, Oral care, Deodorants and Antiseptics, Makeup, Personal care, shave and hair removal.
  • Health Care: Foot health, Ear care, Women’s health, Medications, and treatment, etc.
  • Vitamins & Dietary Supplement: Food and drink supplements, Weight loss products, Minerals & Vitamins.
  • Sexual Wellness: Adult toys and games, sex products.

#4. Baby Products

There is a high demand for baby products in Nigeria market today, especially from online vendors. The market for these products is increasing on a daily basis and it’s profitable too. These are the top baby products that are highly demanded in Nigeria in 2019.

  • Baby boys and girls: Shoes and clothing.
  • Feeding: Baby food, food storage, bottle feeding, bibs, breastfeeding.
  • Diapering: Diaper bags, changing bags, wipes, holders.
  • Bathing and skin care: Shampoo, skin care, washcloths and towels baby gifts, pregnancy, and maternity Baby toddler toys.
  • Baby nursery: Bed, cribs and bedding, nursery decor, furniture.

#5. Grocery

No one can actually do without some of these products. People use these products very often and go back to order again online because these are the things used daily by everyone. The demand for groceries is pretty big and very easy to sell. See below, some of the top groceries that you can sell online with good profit.

  • Home cleaning: Cleaning products, dishwashing.
  • Laundry: Detergents, Liquid soaps.
  • Toiletries: soaps and shower, men’s grooming and feminine hygiene.
  • Beverages: coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks.
  • Cooking ingredients: oil, spices.

#6. Phones And Accessories

Phones and accessories sales are fast moving products in Nigeria. Top phones brands that are found in Nigeria are Apple, Samsung, Tecno, Huawei, iTel, Nokia and much more. The rate at which these products in demand is quite overwhelming. See the list below for the products. 

  • Phones: Samsung S9, Samsung S8, iPhone XS, iPhone X, Huawei Y9, Tecno Camon 11.
  • Phone accessories: screen protector, phone case, batteries.

Some other products you can sell here are power banks, headsets, and smartwatches. 

#7. Computing

These days, the use of the computer is gradually becoming indispensable in Nigeria. Lots of Nigerians use it for work, studies, business, communication and other things. Therefore, you can order some laptops or computers and accessories and sell them on the spot. You can also buy used ones, repair and sell them too. A Lot of people discover the latest computers and even their accessories online. Some of the top brands found under this category are Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Dell, HP, Toshiba. These are some of the categories of computing items to sell.

  • Computer accessories: keyboard, mouse, printer, flash drive, laptop accessories, ups, toner, etc.
  • Laptops: Hp laptop, Samsung laptop, Huawei laptop, MacBook Dell laptop, etc.

#8. Gaming 

You will agree with me that most male likes football. And a good number buys and plays different kinds of games in the comfort of their houses. There are lots of video game business centers now where people go and play different kinds of games. Therefore, gaming business in Nigeria is a fast-growing one as it is both for commercial and personal use. 

Some of the top games include FIFA “18, PES “18, PES 2017, PES”19, battlefield, fallout, call on duty, the Witcher 3, etc. Here are the top gaming products to sell online in Nigeria.

  • Playstations 4 and 3: consoles, accessories, and games.
  • Playstations vita:  consoles, accessories, and games.
  • Nintendo switch:  consoles, accessories, and games.
  • Xbox one: consoles, accessories, and games.
  • Xbox 360:  consoles, accessories, and games.

#9. Home And Office Equipment 

There are some products that you can do without in Nigeria, and home and office equipment happen to be one of those products. The products found under this section are what everyone uses on a daily basis and here are the best ones. 

  • Kitchen: cooking utensils, microwave, bakeware, storage.
  • Dining: cutleries, small appliances, knife.
  • Homes: iron, steamers, heating, furniture, wall art, home decor.
  • Tools: lightning, power and hand tools, electrical appliances, light bulbs.
  • Office products: stationery, office electronics, office, and school supplies.

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