Nokia Set To Release An Android Smartphone In 2017

Nokia is announcing a prospective return to serious smartphone business nest year. This time escorted by its manufacturing accomplice, HMD Global. If you check Nokia’s website now, you will see a fresh section dedicated to smartphones now being operated by ‘HMD Global Oy’. This is now Nokia’s exclusive licensee. Well they are both compatriots considering that HMD Global Oy is also from Finland as much as Nokia is.

For a while now Nokia has been terribly forced down the pecking order of smartphone. This is quite out of the normal as just some years back, Nokia was a top elite option in the smartphone niche. Even the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft didn’t really help matters. But Nokia is yet to give up. This time Nokia is even looking at Android.

Though the details are not really certain as to if devices will be manufactured in Finland. Yet we can’t see if it is going to be the same for these upcoming smartphones. The thing is the duration of the licensing deal could be almost a decade being completely exclusive.
The website is pushing people to subscribe to more info as to the upcoming phones. There is that high level of certainty that one way or the other, the phones will be coming out next year. We are however to see how far Nokia would realize these mega Android dreams to resuscitate its dying fortunes.

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