Nollywood Actress: I Have Crush On Pastor Chris And Want To Marry Him


Nollywood actress Sapphire Adaobi Obi is a fast rising actress.


The young actress in a recent interview spoke about marriage and relationship. She also talked about the kind of man she would like to marry.

The Girls Next Door star who is a single mother of two wants to give marriage a second chance but this time around with a man of God.

You have tasted affection, what do you think is the major problem faced in marriages that makes them hit the rocks in a short while?

If you have to be in marriage you must play by the rules, it’s that simple. Allow yourself to be hypnotized don’t allow yourself to be deceived as long as you wanna remain there. There is no make shift, you have to take the decision to love your partner beyond their faults. It’s a decision. A decision based on reality and not emotions. You must have a deep rooted communication, understand yourselves and forgive easily. Enter the person’s spirit and moods all the time and try to decipher how to overcome any temptation that comes. Staying in marriage takes the strong and you have to be really tolerant to stay I must say.


Are you ready to give marriage another chance and can you marry an entertainer?

I can never settle with an entertainer. I will prefer to marry a pastor. Pastors are my crush and I’m currently crushing on Chris Okotie (Laughs).

Are you saying you are ready to marry a pastor if the opportunity comes?

Yes, why not, that’s my fantasy. In a world full of chaos and discontentment, being in the arms of one who loves God and prophesies, will be more than soothing.

But do you think pastors are romantic or are good in bed then the regular guy?

(Laughs) chai, it depends on how you see it. Well that’s suspense for me. I mustn’t tell you if I have had a pastor as a lover.

Source: Naij

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