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Northern Nigeria’s Top 10 Artists To Watch Out For In 2015

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By Enoch Israel

The Nigerian Music Industry is now one of the biggest in Africa.
Everyday, new and talented up-coming artistes keep on emerging.

With more than a hundred thousand artistes fighting to blow their way up, it’s very
hard to ascertain and verify who is who, and who would make it in this ‘music


So based on this premise, I have decided to make a critical but brief analysis of
the ‘Top 10 Artistes from Northern Nigeria to Look Out For in 2015′, so that when
they finally blow, you would know that Enoch Israel told you first. This list is
based on the artistes’ achievements in 2014, as well as their plans for 2015.

10. MC ROLEX: Rolex hails from Nasarawa State. He is a graduate of Nasarawa State
University, Keffi and a post-graduate student at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He
is a very good rapper and singer. He has done collaboration with good artistes such
as Jahbwai and Genesis of Rhymes just to mention but a few. He is co-signed by Terry
G, and rumours has it that he is currently working on a track with the King of the
South, Erigga.

9. DANBEE: This is one Gospel artiste that is totally different from all other
Gospel artistes. Danbee hails from Kaduna State, and is currently a student of
Federal University of Technology, Minna. He is a Gospel singer that signed a
N500,000 record deal with NAIM Records. What is more? Danbee has won a couple of
awards in his school. He is someone you should look out for in 2015.

8. CLASSIQ: Never heard about Classiq? Then you are dulling yourself. Classiq is one
of the professionals when it comes to Hausa rap. He hails from Plateau State, and
has done collaboration with artistes such as the Loopy Records’ first lady, Ruby
Gyang and Kheengz. His style of delivery is very cunning that could steal your head
from your neck without you noticing it. He is one great artiste you should expect in

7. GUNZZ: This artiste is just good beyond reasonable doubt. He hails from Benue
State, but based in Abuja. He graduated from Nasarawa State University, Keffi. He is
a rapper that spit bars more than 90% of Nigerian Super Stars. He has done
collaboration with 9ice and other top cats in the game. He is an artiste to watch
out for in 2015, as he is self-focused. Before his graduation, he was the Rap King
in Nasarawa State University, Keffi.

6. GENESIS OF RHYMES: He is a great producer, singer and rapper. Genesis hails from
Kaduna State but based in Lafia, Nasarawa State. He is an amazing artiste with
multiple talents. He has worked with artistes such as Ozee, Gunzz, King Sniffy, MC
Rolex among others. He was awarded the best producer in Nasarawa State University,
Keffi. He is surely gonna explode in 2015.

5. KING SNIFFY: He is a rapper, poet and a writer. Sniffy hails from Nasarawa and
Kaduna State at the same time. Complicated right? Yeah, King Sniffy is a complicated
artiste. He still remains a mystery that is difficult to unravel. He is a student at
Nasarawa State University, Keffi. He is known to be ‘The King of the North’ aka ‘KD
First King’. What is more? Sniffy is co-signed by Ice Prince and Mi-Fliss. Just of a
recent, he recorded a track titled, Ice Prince Boy which received impressive comment
from his boss, Ice Prince. Rumours has it that King Sniffy is working with Ice
Prince and Tha Suspect. He is a great force to reckon with.

4. JAHBWAI: This is one of the best producers in the North. Jahbwai hails from
Kaduna State, but is based in Abuja. Anyways, he is no longer based in Abuja anymore
as he relocate to Lagos after he was signed by Baseline Entertainment, the same
label that signed Skales and Saeon. Jahbwai is an amazing producer and singer. He is
a label mate with the former EME rapper, Skales. He has worked with many up-coming
artistes before leaving Abuja. These artistes include Ozee, Gunzz, MC Rolex,
DeeOhsee and many others. He is one mighty man that will detonate bombs more than
Boko Haram in 2015.

3. WHITE NIGERIAN: Yeah, he is a white man at the same time a Nigerian. He hails
from Jos, but is based in Abuja. He is Tekno’s best friend. But one thing I can’t
explain is how Tekno blew before him. Well, I guess that explains this popular
adage, ‘all fingers are not equal’. Though he is a White Man, yet White Nigerian
fuses his song with English and Hausa, which makes it interesting, witty and
amazing. Have you ever heard an Onyibo speaking Hausa? If no, then download White
Nigerian songs and be amazed. He has worked with artistes such as Tekno, J. Martins
and Morell. He is a dance-hall singer and rapper that will burst the airwaves in

2. OZEE: He is popularly known as ‘Custom Officer with Swaggs’. Ozee is a young and
talented singer, rapper and producer. He hails from Nasarawa State, and is a
graduate of the state university. He is also running his Masters Program in the same
school. He is a custom officer, and has worked with Jesse Jagz. Rumours has it that
he is also working with Morell and Timaya. With about two albums in the market, Ozee
is one hot artiste that is set to blow comes 2015.

1. KHEENGZ: You don’t know Kheengz? Then you are not from the North. Believe me, he
is the best Hausa rapper in Nigeria. Yeah, no competition. Kheengz hails from Minna,
Niger State. He is a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He has worked with
M.I Abaga, Erigga and Classiq just to mention but a few. He is a star that will
definitely mature to a sun by 2015. He is one rapper that is witty and funny. His
lyrics will make you laugh no matter how bored and angry you are. He is just dope
like that.

Other artistes worthy of mention are:
5. Fidwon
4. Rap Army
3. Mac D
2. Mac Fabulous
1. Juboil Tha Boiling

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