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You Are Not Too Old To Discover And Fulfill Your Purpose

Purpose is the original intent of a thing. it is the ‘WHY’ of your existence. God himself is a God of purpose, and he has created every man with an inherent purpose.

Purpose is the only source of human fulfillment. It is said that if the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.

Purpose is the fuel of commitment. It produces hope and inspires you to act.

To be alive, and not know why, is the greatest tragedy in life. Your vision in life is inspired by your purpose for being. PURPOSE PRECEDES PRODUCTION.

King Solomon said: “Where there is no vision, the people perish- they cast of restraint.” Purpose is the key to life; it is your reason for being.

No amount of achievement can overwhelm your inner desire for accomplishment. True fulfillment comes from walking in line with your purpose.

You will experience peace when you find and fulfill your purposeYou will experience peace when you find and fulfill your purpose

Understanding Your Purpose.

Purpose inspires and builds vision, and vision in turn, fuels passion. Passion itself produces success. Everything on earth was created for a purpose including YOU!! Therefore, it is your responsibility to discover and move to fulfill your purpose.

Purpose is inherent in everyone. Your birth and existence in this world is not a mistake, neither is it by chance. This world needs what only you can offer because you are unique and there are no two people with the same finger prints on earth.

YOU ARE SPECIAL!!! So quit trying to be like someone else. Be original!!! Be you!!!

You are the way you are because of why you are. Simply put, your attributes are customised settings fit into your gene to enable you fulfill your purpose. Purpose does not make the task easy, it declares it possible.

A MAN WITH A CONVICTION IS DANGEROUS. Knowing your purpose will keep you above challenges that will come your way as you pursue its fulfillment.

God is our creator, and he has created us all for a purpose. God’s purpose for your life is not hindered by our past mistakes or misjudgments. They are all lessons aligning you to fulfill your purpose.

You will experience peace when you find and fulfill your purposeYou will experience peace when you find and fulfill your purpose

You are not too old to discover and fulfill your purpose. The world is waiting for you to produce your purpose.

 The success of a product is determined by the fulfillment of its purpose for which it was invented.

The fact that people do not understand your purpose does not mean you are purposeless.

How To Discover Your Purpose.

1. The purpose of a thing is found in the heart of its inventor or creator. Only God can reveal your purpose to you if you ask him.

2. Your qualities are a powerful tool to discovering your purpose because when God created you, he put in you, those traits, qualities and attributes required for your purpose.

3. Your natural talents and abilities are an indication of the niche you have been carved out for.

God has put into you, the potential and nature for your purpose. Do not wait for any external push, you have all you need to fulfill your purpose.

You will experience peace when you find and fulfill your purposeYou will experience peace when you find and fulfill your purpose

Benefits Of Purpose.

1. Confidence: When you discover God’s purpose for your life, you will become confident of your success.

2. Protection: Purpose protects you from distraction. You will find out that not every good thing is okay for you, as a man of purpose.

3. Perseverance: Purpose gives you the ability to persevere and hold on to your vision in the face of adverse challenges. To achieve in life, you have to persevere, as you work with a passion for your purpose.

4. Objectivity: Purpose keeps you focused. You do not let your environment determine your pace in life.

We all have to discover our purpose by turning to our creator. He is the author of purpose. No creation or invention can find its purpose by asking another invention or creation.

I am very concerned about you fulfilling your purpose because the world needs more entrepreneurs, superstar actors and singers, architects, doctors and inventions.

Go on, look inside you and discover your purpose.

Thank you for finding time to read.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Let us continue this conversation on Twitter: @LeadershipKlass.

Till I come your way again, LEAD WITH PURPOSE!


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