Oh My! See The Miracle Baby Delivered 107 Days After The Death Of His Mum (This Story Will Leave Tears In Your Eyes)


Sandra Pedro’s story will leave you feeling emotional and grateful for life at the same time. She was a 37-year-old woman full of life and ready to take on the world.

There are so many amazing things happening in the world. Some of these things will leave you awestruck as you will be left wondering if you are in a trance or not.

See the baby delivered 107 days after the death of his mother

Sandra Pedro

She lived in Portugal with her first child, a boy, for about 8 years. When she got pregnant the second time, her joy knew no bounds as she looked forward to seeing her baby. However, the report she got from the doctor left her in bewilderment.

She was warned about the risk of having the baby because of her medical history. Earlier, she had suffered from pneumonia and some heart conditions. At some point she was in a coma after having a kidney surgery.

Pedro despite being warned about the risk of having the baby decided to bring her child to the world. In the second month of this year, the pregnant woman was rushed to the intensive care unit after she had a brain hemorrhage. The doctors did all they could to save Pedro who eventually gave up on the 20th of February.

 However, Pedro’s death brought about a shocking discovery. An echo-cardiogram was used on her and it was revealed then that the baby’s vital signs remained positive. The baby’s heart beat was beating normally and appeared strong from all indications.
See the baby delivered 107 days after the death of his mother

Baby delivered from the dead woman

It was an amazing discovery as no one imagined a baby could stay alive inside its mother long after she had died. This discovery made the family of Sandra and that of the baby’s father to draw a conclusion that the pregnancy should be sustained in order to preserve the baby. The tests results were also sent to the Hospital Ethics committee in Lisbon.

The dead woman was placed on life support in order to keep her alive so the baby growing within her will not die. It was a depressing phase for the family members who had to see her lifeless body but the thought of the unborn child growing within her was the ray of light they hoped to see at the end of it all.

Although putting her on the life support was to ensure the survival of the baby, it also meant the medical staff had to do a lot of work in monitoring the body of Pedro and the baby within her. After 107 days of intensive care, the baby was born as a premature baby boy whose vital signs were strong enough for a premature baby.

Sandra Pedro’s body was finally released to the family for them to perform the last rite after the life support machines were turned off. The survival of the baby is considered to be a miracle by many baby.


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