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OkayPlayer CEO, Abiola Oke Resigns After Multiple Women Accuse Him Of Unethical Conduct

Abiola Oke, CEO and publisher of the indie music website Okayplayer and OkayAfrica, has resigned after multiple women took to Twitter to accuse him of inappropriate behaviour and creating a toxic work environment.


The allegations surfaced on Tuesday, June 23 and more women are still speaking up even now.


The women made numerous allegations against Abiola Oke, including being drugged, bullied, sexual coercion, sexual assault, sexism, unethical conduct and more.

They also accused Abiola of the exploitation of Black women. Most of the women who worked with Okayplayer and OkayAfrica said the exploitation and toxic work environment made them suffer trauma. They added that the company prided themselves in employing Black women but they did it for “optics” and exploited the women.


Following the accusations, American musician, Questlove, who co-founded Okayplayer, released a statement on Instagram.


In the statement, it was disclosed that Abiola has resigned and the company has cut all ties with him.

The statement reads: “Effective immediately, we have severed all ties and accepted the resignation of Abiola Oke as CEO and Publisher of Okayplayer and OkayAfrica. We take the allegations that have surfaced very seriously, and we stand with the brave women who came forward.”


Questlove added in the caption. “More announcements coming up. This was long overdue.”


The statement also said that an outside party will investigate the company’s policies and practices.


“We’re committed to creating a work environment that’s inclusive and respectful for all,” the statement said.

Rachel Hislop, Editor in Chief of OkayAfrica, was also called out for her “complicity” and she released a statement on Twitter.


“I fully support all of the women who have come forward to detail their experiences while working at OkayAfrica and Okayplayer. You are heard and validated,” she began in her statement.


She added: “Reading your accounts of your time with the company was a gut check of all of the ways I may have been complicit in adhering to an archaic media structure that simply is not built to prioritize Black women. I am truly sorry that these are experiences you have to carry as a result…”


Below are tweets from the women making the allegations and from others showing solidarity.

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