#Ondoelection: Don’t vote for the Promises of the Party, Vote for Principles and Ideals of an Individual -Adeyemi Alao

Hon. Adeyemi Alao

All eyes are on Ondo state for the coming Governorship election on 26th November, 2016.

Hon. Adeyemi Alao, APGA Governorship Candidate has urged the people of Ondo state to vote for principles and ideals of an individual rather than the empty and vain promises of political parties.

A country can be said to be democratic only when its elections constitute a real competition among numerous political party-backed and/or independent candidates. Voters need to have a free and informed choice among various policy options and candidates to determine who their post-election representatives will be. Only very few countries are small enough to practice direct democracy in any or all public policy decision-making processes,  and it is therefore crucial for most  democracies to find ways to organise an effective and democratic system of representation. Political parties and candidates are actors tasked with the electorate’s trust and counted on to perform the representative function of government.

At the basis of such a system, there needs to be an acceptance of the basic human rights and freedoms to speak, organize, stand for election, and hold meetings or publicly-attended campaign rallies without intimidation or threat of arrest. Citizen engagement in and understanding of complex political issues to a large extent depend on the ability of political parties to activate and educate, formulate relevant and demand-driven policy options, and channel public opinion into the electoral and subsequent governing process. Only where parties and their candidates are legally recognized and  free to form and function can they fulfill these roles.

It’s time to vote principles and not parties. Vote Hon. Adeyemi Alao of APGA; a man of integrity and a positive social change agent!

Many of the candidates have talked about their plans and about how “they will not leave anyone behind”.

However, 3 key questions Ondo voters need to truthful ask themselves are:
1. What kind of government do you want to replace the current administration?
2. What are your candidate’s principles and ideals?
3. How ‘SMART’ (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, achievable and timely) are your candidate’s goals, agenda or manifesto?

You need to strategically vote for who you believe will actually take #Ondo state in a progressive direction after getting elected.

Vote for the principles and ideals of an individual rather than the promises of a party. Year after year, you have hoped things would change. They haven’t, and they may never will if you don’t vote right.

Don’t be a prisoner of your own electoral choices any longer. Free yourself from the unending and unfilled promises of politicians, who make promises they don’t intend to keep; but they continue to amass your state’s wealth while you wallow in penury and lack.

He further said that the future we all seek has no room for parochial interests and selfish ambitions, it is for mutual cooperation and benevolent spirit that recognizes and caters for the yearnings and aspirations of the Nigerian citizens. I am ready to lead as your Governor but Ondo citizens must be willing to commit themselves to the new order, an era of love for all, where the good of all takes precedence over the gain of one.

We desire a state where peace and justice reign. We must therefore be prepared to be fair and equitable in all our actions. I pledge to be honorable and accountable in all my actions and call on Ondo citizens who, by God’s grace, find themselves in government to do same. If we must lead in service, our hearts must glow with love for our people.”

Vote right, vote wisely!


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Written by Bello Olusayo


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