Opinion: 5 Nigerian Cities With The Highest Level Of Indecent Dressing Among Ladies

This is according to the writer’s opinion.
And kindly note, before you read further, take note that the post is only concerned with indecent dressing among female folks which more rampant and conspicuous too.

1) WARRI: The Oil City, the most popular town in Delta State tops the list. It is particularly needless to turn your head to stare whenever you walk pass an indecently dressed girl in Warri! Reason: You will end up having neck ache at the end of the day because you will see countless of them on your way to wherever you are going to. This means that you may be turning your head to stare at every given minute. Why punish the poor neck God has given to you?  It is very common to see young ladies in Warri on bumshorts and skimpy tops, even in public places such as banking halls and markets for korokoro afternoon oh!!!

2) BENIN-CITY: Our grand papa dem talk am say wetin happen for goat house go still happen for fowl house because dem dey live close to each other. Benin-City, capital of Edo State is the second on the list because it is almost like her ‘sister’ when it comes to indecent dressing among young ladies. I don’t really know what to say again, maybe the spirit of Italy somewhat contributed to this phenomenon!

3) LAGOS: If the one time capital of Nigeria is not among the list, then I would rather suspend in the air. The ‘hustling’ mode among many Lagos girls in the quest to live big, coupled with the high rate of promiscuity among young ladies in this city are great factors and contributors to why many Lagos babes dress indecently. If they don’t, how would they sell their ‘wares’ to potential ‘customers’?

4) PORT-HARCOURT: What can I say here? From Rumuokoro to Rumuomasi, from Waterline to Eleme, it is the same story.

5) ABUJA: I believe the high level of indecent dressing among the babes here has to do with the nature of ‘business’ many young ladies have decided to delve into. Shameless politicians and randy pot-bellied rich ogas are strong contributors to why this city made the list.




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