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Passion Incubator Launches StartUp SouthWest Incubator

Passion Incubator has launched StartUp SouthWest, a regionally-focused incubation programme designed to train and support tech startups.

StartUp SouthWest is a beneficiary of the Growth and Employment (GEM) project, focused on fostering a vibrant and sustainable technology ecosystem across the South West region of Nigeria.


Startup SouthWest is one of six proposed similar regional hub projects being supported by GEM, and will offer pre-incubation training and a startup incubation programme.

The pre-incubation programme is focused on providing training and support in data science, artificial intelligence, software development ethics, entrepreneurship and ideation.

Meanwhile, the startup incubation component is a six-month long programme that provides an opportunity for innovative startup teams to rethink their business model, redefine their product and strategy, achieve product-market fit, and acquire early customers.

Applications for both programmes are open here until August 30, while the Startup SouthWest team is planning a South West innovation roadshow as part of its objective of connecting ecosystem players across the region.


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