Pastor Kumuyi Reacts To Alleged Killing Of Christians In Nigeria

Pastor Kumuyi
Pastor Kumuyi

In recent times, the high rate of Christian killings, especially in the North , has led an increasing belief that Muslims have the conspiracy to kill all unbelievers in Nigeria.

According to the General Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Musa Asake, these incessant killing of non-Muslims prove that the PresidentBuhari-led administration is not concerned with the increasing loss of Christian life.

The General Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry,Pastor William Kumuyi, has reacted to these claims, The Nation reports.

Speaking at a crusade in Calabar, Cross River state on September 1, 2016, he advised people to disregard this alleged claims, adding that Christianity and Islam have similar messages of love.

When we say alleged killing we will need to investigate well. Neither of the two dominant religions in Nigeria, Christianity and Islam advocate the killing of neighbors.

The love of our neighbor is key here and the Islamic religion came in through Abraham, so basically we are having the same great grand-grandparent. So, we should rethink and understand that it would be good to allow people to live together in peace and allow them to have their free will to choose how to worship.

I am here basically to show the love of God to the people. We are saying that because God Almighty is still on the throne, we should not lose hope despite the hiccups in personal lives, family lives and the state of the nation”, he said.

Pastor Kumuyi also encouraged people to maintain their faith in God, in spite of the economic recession in Nigeria.

The information is now made public and official that this is the worst recession situation in Nigeria in the last 29 years. Well, as it affects the church, it also affects everyone. But there are things we still do in spite of the economy.

Money is just a servant to man, and it is not supposed to be the master. There are things we keep doing even when the money is not there. I believe that we will come out of this recession.

I would not be able to pinpoint one particular place where we got it wrong. Different situations brought us to this climax. So, we must have got it wrong somewhere but I cannot pin it to one”, he added.


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Written by Tari Vid Idobozi


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