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Perfect Ways To Overcome A Heartbreak

Going through heartbreak can feel like being underwater when you need to breathe. We build our lives with someone we trust and care for, and then, in the blink of an eye, it’s all gone. This can leave people with sorrow, anger, and some serious questions — about ourselves and the future. If you’re dealing with heartbreak and want to heal, try these suggestions to find the new you.

The following tips will help you overcome heartbreaks smoothly:

  • Just take a breath. It’s going to hurt for a while. Try not to hook up because its just not healthy.
  • Have a good cry. Crying is actually an important part of healing.
  • Focus on you. Do things that make you happy.
  •  Take a moment to lie back and breathe. The stress can block your brain from thinking clearly.
  •  Know that everything happens for a reason, maybe it happened to let you know that you are brave or that you should not repeat the mistake again.
  • Do not go on any dates with the person from whom you are trying to heal. This is not productive and will not lead to healing. There is no more closure. There is only healing. Think of it as cutting a wound open that has stopped bleeding and started closing.
  • Don’t put the person down to lift yourself up!
  • Reflect on all the other types of “love” you have in your life and not on the love you’ve lost.
  • Don’t miss sleep, not enough sleep can make you feel depressed and easily irritated. What can lead to memories resulting in sadness.
  •  Act happy and confident around that person, so it shows you have moved on!
  • Be around with family and friends. Create new memories with them.
  • Don’t focus solely the good times. We, as humans tend to do this, of course. Keep in mind, that the relationship ended for a reason and there were, perhaps, incompatibilities. Search yourself and remember that you’ll find someone with which you share more common interests.
  •  Think of the bad things that caused the relationship to end rather than the good because it will help you to move on.
  • Stop obsessing over the person!
  • At first it may help you to write down all of the bad things about your ex and re read them when you feel weak. However, after a few weeks you should be writing down all of the great things about yourself and concentrating on that. Then, think about all the great things you can do now.
  •  Stay happy, never give up! Talk to someone, Also you could try doing something to distract you from the heart break.
  • Show confidence to yourself.
  • It really helps if you have good friends who can watch over you and prevent you from doing and/or saying something that you will end up regretting!
  • Do not have contact with the person you are trying to forget.
  • Find a new friend who is going through the same thing. This allows you to focus on someone else besides yourself.
  • You have to forgive to move on with life. You must learn to move on.
  • Nostalgia will last for a long time after you heal..
  •  Only time and a replacement fixes this one.
  • It’s really hard to move on from the person who made you feel wonderful , but now he makes you feel worthless. Write down all of your feelings on a piece of paper or write them down on your phone and crush them and throw them out/ delete them. Delete all your feelings in the same way!
  • Stop listening to sad songs. This encourages a depressed mindset.
  • If you need to tell a friend about your heartbreaking loss, do it one time only. You will need your friend later, so best to not wear out your welcome with him/her.
  • For a quick fix in the aftermath of the heartbreak- eat something delicious. Chocolate is the number one heartbreak food because it genuinely helps just that little bit. It doesn’t fix anything but it lifts your spirits a little because chances are they will be crushed on the floor and need all the lifting they can.
  •  Talk to your parents or friends and tell them what you hate about this person. Tell them only once, though.
  • Once you feel comfortable talking to them again, try to build a friendship. Maybe you can start over but it’s not guaranteed.
  • Surround yourself with people who love you. Always remember that if that person was ready to let you go, then they’re not worth sticking around for.

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