How To Perfectly Execute A Project Work

By Olusola Victory

A project is what we experience in our everyday life. Preparing launch, setting out to work with a laid down target, school assignments and projects, delivering a job to a customer etc are all examples of project.

A project usually has starting date, ending date and deliverable. A deliverable is the outcome of the whole project. To execute a project you must be able to answer the following questions.

1.      What is the project?

2.      What is the aim or purpose of the project?

3.      What is the background?

4.      Has anything like that been done? How?

5.      What are the objectives of the project?

6.      What are the requirements of the project?

7.      What are the major issues of the project?

8.      What are the deliverables?

9.      Who are the stake holders?

A deliverable is the outcome of the project while stake holders are people involved in the project or people the project would benefit.

To have a successful project you must take time to think and research about the above questions. After you might have answered all these questions then you can start planning the project cause by now you would have known what you are really into.

During planning you are to work on the following

i.                    Time – You put into consideration the total amount of time needed for you to complete the project. Since the project has a fixed start and end date you must be able to finish the project before the end date. The has its reasons e.g there may be an unforeseen technical problem or there may be a delay in one or two things, if you did not reduce the time frame you may not be able to meet up with the time frame.

ii.                  Cost – the total amount of resources you need to put in the project is called cost. You have to consider the quality, quantity and time for the project before you can conclude on the cost. A reduction in time will increase the cost of the project while an increase in time may not, also, an increase in quality or quantity will certainly increase the cost of the project.

iii.                Quality – this is the desired taste which is needed from the outcome of the project.

After you have made your findings and you have concluded on cost, quality and time frame of the project, you can move on to executing the project.

At this stage you get all your resources and everything you need for the project. As the project owner or person executing the project you have to be able to control and coordinate all the resources you have very well so that you can get the desired outcome or deliverable.

After all said and done you must document the step by step laid down principle of the project if it is official if not you ignore that. You should try to test your work if there in case of any mistake, corrections or additions. Then you go on to hand the project work to you supervisors who will take an overview of the project and hand it over to the beneficiaries or stake holders.


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