Photos From Pastor Femi Aladesanmi of Global Harvest’s Visit to Jetheights Services Limited

The pastor-in-charge of Global Harvest Headquarter church in Ibadan,
Pastor Femi Aladesanmi on Friday 8th February 2019 visited Jetheights Services Limited and was warmly received by Jetheights family, including the MD.

Pastor Femi has been a father and mentor to Mr. Ayo Alex Alao and Jetheights family.

Upon his arrival, Pastor Femi met with his mentee, the CEO of Jetheights Services Limited, Mr. Ayo Alex Alao in his office, they discussed about life, business and services of the company.

After his brief meeting with the MD, Pastor Femi went on a tour of the company, met with all the staff one after the other, shared words of encouragement with them, told them to always be at their best and add value to the organizational pursuit as this would also serve as a personal development platform.

He also urged JHS staff members to make every minute spend in the organization counts and do all they can in their capacities in ensuring the growth of the company.

He prayed for the growth of the company and the staff.

See photos below:


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