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PHOTOS: New Set of Train Coaches Arrive Nigeria, See Reactions.

Brand new train carriages being offloaded Chinese cargo ships. New train carriages will be added to newly commissioned Lagos-Abeokuta-Ibadan rail project.

See reactions;

Quoterkgeddy This is not a new train.

jeffrey2j You can imagine the dirty thing they imported from China calling it in new train life of a useless leader

tj2545 It a step forward

socrates81214 My question is what have we produced .

neeyee247 @jeffrey2j am not apc neither pdp”we do not need an expensive train or tram,what we need is rail services and maintenance period!

styled_by_adekunle These are old model trains 

lagos_investment_hub Old train. I mean 11th century train that’s no longer in use in china

afobaje12 We are getting there,it just a matter of time

tjloco Neeewwww?

 (Soulja voice)

tjloco @tj2545 come on , u know our potential..this aint a step forward

jeffrey2j @neeyee247 we don’t need something that looks like it was made in the 1970s. We need something from this generation not a tin can just because we want rail services, go and see senegal’s new train that was made in France.

jeffrey2j @tj2545 it’s a step into 1970s

akinxo @socrates81214 detrimental mind, all they do is condemn

neeyee247 @jeffrey2j this looks finer than duckland light railway services in Uk”my concern is maintenance

jeffrey2j @neeyee247 what I believe is if we can maintain this one we can as well maintain a new generation train. People are thinking about the future trying to develop a hyperloop in the US and we are going back in time.

vetsolo Very stupid government

fash_imperial_boutique China dumping ground, Nigerian leaders have received bribe especially that ROTIMI AMAECHI


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