Pidgin English: Synergy to Sustainability of Democracy in Nigeria

Afouda Samuel

Nigeria as a political unit came into being following the regrouping of African territories by the colonial powers in the nineteenth century. Several ancient kingdoms of diverse cultures were merged to form the new nation that became known as ” ~ i ~ e r i a . I”ts’ enormous ethno-linguistic, religious, and cultural diversity is therefore traceable to the partitioning exercise which did not follow the pre-colonial socio-ethnic and politico-linguistic groupings in Africa. The resulting diversity has long stood in the way of
national unity in Nigeria, as evidenced by the fratricidal war of 1 ~ 6 ~ – ~ 0 .

Also highlighting the diversity is the presence of so many different languages which, in the absence of a common indigenous medium of interethnic communication, has created problems of language policy and planning, including the inability to resolve the issue of a Nigerian national language. 

The national language problem has generated considerable interest and heated debate and has continued to be one of the most volatile issues with which the country has had to contend. The following review of current opinions on the national language question proposes a more peaceful way out of the present deadlock over which one(s) of the numerous indigenous languages should prevail.

The City of Ibadan experienced one of the most educative programs/ public lecture on Tuesday at the Art theatre University of Ibadan, Nigeria. The program is one of the initiative of Adeniyi Kayode also know as ‘Afouda Samuel’ of one of the indigenous radio stations in Ibadan ( Lagelu FM ). This is the first public lecture organised by his news network ‘ Pipus News ‘ ( No 1 pidgin news area in Naija ) .

Afouda Samuel is fondly known for is language choice of Presenting and news casting in Pidgin English. His website ( ) which consist of his internet radio and television is one of the tools he uses in projecting the values and richness in Pidgin English.
The topic of the public lecture was ” Where pidgin English stand for the correct meaning of Democracy for Naija ” . The program featured Ace Broadcaster and investigative journalist Mr. Edmund Obilo, Prof. Francis Egbokhare ( Dept. Of linguistic) and many others who spoke on the relevance of Pidgin English in Nigeria and the need for a national language in Nigeria. As we all know, pidgin English is a creole language spoken as lingual franca across Nigeria.
Many top niche celebrities and on air personalities in Ibadan were present to be a part of the history.


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Written by Bello Olusayo


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