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Pig Farming: Understanding Pigs’ Vaccines & Vaccination

Just as it’s in humans and other animal husbandry, piglets and pigs are administered with vaccines, either to protect them from diseases or to heal them of them.

Pig Vaccines contain antigens from viruses, bacteria, bacterial toxins, or parasites. They are given to pigs, usually by injection, to stimulate an immune response which will protect the pigs against later natural infection with the organism from which the vaccine was derived. Most stimulate both a humoral response and a cell-mediated response.

Some diseases that can be eradicated by vaccines and medication are;

  • Mange
  • Atrophic rhinitis
  • Lice
  • Aujeszky’s disease (pseudorabies)
  • PRRS
  • Enzootic pneumonia
  • Swine dysentery
  • TGE

The Management of Vaccines

To effectively manage pig’s vaccines, the following steps have to be taken;

  • Check the expiry date.
  • Store in a fridge.
  • Monitor the temperature daily with a max/min thermometer. Freezing destroys vaccines.
  • Don’t overstock the fridge.
  • Don’t store food in the fridge.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Ideally use a fresh needle for each pig but change at least every 5 pigs.
  • Do not mix vaccines or medicines.
  • Dispose needles in a sharps box.
  • Clean out syringes immediately after use.
  • Only use vaccines licensed in your country.
  • Clean bottle tops before and after use.

If you’re a beginner, just rearing pigs for the first time, you’ll sure need the help of an experienced pig farmer or a veterinary doctor to help you in the area of vaccines and vaccination.

As time goes on, you too will master everything you need to understand about pig’s vaccine and vaccination.


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