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10 Steps On How To Plan A Small Wedding In Nigeria!

Nigerians love to say there’s no such thing as a small wedding especially not when your mother is actively involved in planning the guest list but despite the great number of extended family,  and acquaintances, a small wedding is still doable. Here are a few tips to make yours a reality!

1) Choose a day other than Saturday for your wedding, preferably a week day- Monday weddings are the best!

2) Make your wedding strictly by invitation and get body guards.

3) Have a destination wedding.

4) Have a small wedding and then a consolation thanksgiving days apart that would feature an after party for the masses.

5) Announce that instead of a traditional reception after your vows, you are having lunch or dinner at a restaurant and going Dutch- No one wants a party that they have to pay for!

6) Don’t tell anyone you are getting married, no save the dates and definitely no pre-wedding pics on social media!

7) Have your wedding in the heat of a fuel crisis! No petrol equals no transportation.

8) Have a beach wedding, a lot of old folks in Nigeria are wary of beaches and this venue is guaranteed to cut down on crowd size!

9) Give every family member a strict quota of the guest list that must be adhered to, no exceptions!

10) Elope! No long thing, just run away with the man you love and leave all the wedding drama behind!

And if all else fails, bask in the crowd of people who must surely love something about you for them to be hustling to attend your wedding! Enjoy the 48 hours of fame…


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