Plentywaka Completes 100,000 Journeys In First 6 Months Since Launch

When PlentyWaka entered the bus-hailing business, it seems they were delving into troubled waters.

But flip to six months later, the technology-driven premium bus-hailing service has continued to prove just how successful solution-based innovation can be.

The Startup just disclosed a remarkable 100,000 journeys completed in just its first 6 months. Interesting! It appears Plentywaka has a way of operating in the midst of Lagos hellish traffic.

The fast-growing company that operates in Lagos currently provides its commuters with 7 routes in comfort, convenience, and safety.

The popular bus-hailing service, which is now averaging 1500 journeys a day provides a hassle-free alternative to an otherwise chaotic and expensive commute. Plentywaka’s scheduled ride facility is the appealing appeasement for the busy Lagosians struggling to get from Bus-Stop A to Bus-Stop B without the worries of insecurity or cramped and unkempt vehicles.

By using the easily downloadable app a seat can be secured on one of the Plentywaka vehicles in seconds.

Since its launch in September 2019, Plentywaka has seen significant growth throughout the business with the number of vehicles up by 50%, daily riders increased by 50.2%, app downloads rising to 61.9% and overall employment within Plentywaka up by 400%.


Let us hear from the horse’s mouth: The Managing Director and Co-Founder of Plentywaka, Johnny Enagwolor, had this to say, “Reaching 100,000 journeys in our 6 months is a milestone the entire team at Plentywaka is proud of. Our growth is definitely a combined reflection of the extremely high demand for transport in Lagos and the bus-hailing service we provide commuters, which is a bit of respite in the bustling city. But there is more work to do and we are not relenting on our efforts to scale our operations while getting better at our service delivery.

Also, the more people we have registering for our Plentywaka Vehicle Partnership for free, the more we can also alleviate the strain of mobility in the city – transport should really be the least of people’s worries when they are trying to get to work or school.”

How to become Plentywaka partner:

To sign up as a Plentywaka Vehicle Partner, you have to visit the website via the LINK, fill in your contact details and select your preferred partnership option.


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