Police Woman Bites Lady’s Hand, Destroys Her Phone To Stop Her From Recording Police Activities (Photo,Video)

In another case pf police hostility and brutality, a Nigerian lady on IG @cute.dino, has narrated how a female police office slapped her sister, bit her hand and smashed her phone when she attempted to record the inhuman activities they suffered from a set of police officers in the Ikeja GRA area in Lagos state yesterday January 15th. Read her account below:

Police woman bites lady

I never took d campaign against Police brutality serious bcos av never had direct encounter with dem untill dis night. My boyfriend came visiting so I accompanied him to his car nd decided to do some chitchat in d car wen suddenly a black golf car with no plate number parked beside us nd started asking questions after claiming to b police officers ( dey were on mufti nd I swear dey looked like kidnapers or armed robbers sef) i told dem dat i was in front of my house nd dats my boyfriend, dey asked y he did not enter nd talk inside if he was actually my boyfriend. I explained to dem dat he was actually inside befor nd hez about taking his leave. Dey ask for wat he does for a living nd he said he’s a student, dey ask for his ID card which he showed dem, den dey asked for mine too nd i told dem how do dey expect me to av my ID card at dat spot. They told me to provide it still so i had to go inside to pick it. I told my sisters wat happened nd dey followed me outside. After seeing d ID card dey ask if we live alone nd we told dem we live with my Mum who is not in town. My sister ask if dey want to talk to her dat she shud call her. The police man suddenly shouted at my sister nd ask her who she think our mum is, den dey ask for her sch, she told dem shez a student of kwara poly nd d police ask y shez staying in GRA nd not eleko dat is close to d sch. My sis asked dem what right dey had to dictate were she shud live den one of d dem who is a woman asked her to shut up or she shut her up herself. My sister said she can’t keep quit because dey are abusing her right, nd even ask dem which right dey had to harass us in front of our house. D police woman jst slapped my sister dat shez rude. Dat was how we all became furious dat how will she slap a lady who hasn’t done anything. My sister took her fone out to record so she can get pictures of d police so we can report at d nearby station since dey did not wear uniform nd we dnt knw dere name. D woman dragged d fone from my sister, bite her hand nd smatch her fone on d floor. Some guys driving by stopped to interfere. Dose police Later ran away wen dey saw dat we ain’t taking dere shit no more. Bruh dis is dehumanizing nd unacceptable, my sis hand aches so badly (she got blood from d bite) nd her fone is spoilt. WE WANT JUSTICE

Watch the video she shared online below


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