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How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

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This week I was on the soccer field and I felt the dreaded sting of a mosquito bite. It’s officially fall! How can these little critters still be out? When I was a child every year on the first day of school my peers and teachers would ask me I had chicken pox over the summer. Every year my answer was this: “No, those are mosquito bites.” To this day, if I walk outdoors in the evening those dang critters find me for their evening feast, and sadly my nine-year-old daughter is the same way. As for my husband and son, mosquitos use them as landing ports – bite free – before attacking us girls.

I recently came across an article called 31 Plants that Repel Mosquitoes. Excellent! I’m hitting Home Depot next spring. Lavender, lemon balm and pineapple weed make the list but there’s one problem, when I’m outdoors and when I travel it’s unlikely I will be carrying my pot of basil around with me. What is a walking, talking, breathing mosquito buffet to do? Please don’t say Deet. I’m not a big fan of chemicals, especially when it comes to spraying them on my children. My daughter and I have been battling mosquitoes all summer but we’ve also been testing products to see what works. Luckily for us, anytime we’ve used the following products we haven’t attracted any bites. Maybe you will have the same luck. Here is what we recommend from firsthand experience on how to prevent mosquito bites:

1.Skin application of bug repellent.

2.Clothes that covers the body.



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