Princess Owowoh Becomes First Nigerian Female Officer Cadet to Graduate from UK’s Royal Military Academy

Officer Cadet Owowoh Princess Oluchukwu graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the United Kingdom on Friday, making her the first Nigerian female officer to do so. Princess, 24, was one of 135 Officer Cadets who graduated during RMAS’ Sovereign’s Parade in London today.

The parade marked the end of 44 weeks of intensive training for the Officer Cadets of Commissioning Course 232. His Majesty King Charles was represented at the occasion by the French Army’s chief of staff, Général d’armée Pierre SchilI.

Since the 1950s, prominent Nigerian officers, including former Nigerian President Yakubu Gowan and Chief of Defence Intelligence Major General Emmanuel Undiandeye, have been RMAS alumni. Princess’ graduation as the first female and 190th Nigerian graduate is an important milestone in the UK’s long-standing commitment to sponsoring Nigeria’s Professional Military Education program. This commitment to close UK-Nigerian cooperation was reiterated during the latest UK-Nigeria Security and Defence Partnership meetings in February 2024.

In 2018, Princess enrolled in the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in Kaduna State, Nigeria. She was appointed Cadet Lance Corporal in her second year at the NDA, Cadet Sergeant in her fourth year, and Company Senior Under Officer Charlie (CSUO C) in her fifth year.

She held this role alongside two other female equivalents, making history as the first female CSUO in the academy. In her fourth year, she finished the commissioning course’s Academics Wing and graduated with first class honours in Biological Science.

Speaking of her achievement, Officer Cadet Owowoh Princess Oluchukwu said:

“It is a profound honour to be the first Nigerian female officer to commission from the esteemed Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. This achievement is not mine alone, but a testament to the unwavering support of my family, mentors, instructors, and countless individuals who believed in me every step of the way. As I look ahead to the future, I am committed to representing Nigeria with pride, and to making a positive difference in the world.”

The United Kingdom is happy to share this historic event with Nigeria and congratulates newly commissioned Officer Owowoh Princess Oluchukwu on her outstanding achievement.


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