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Problem Of Information Communication Technology in Nigeria

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Information Communication Technology (ICT) has been defined to include the full range of electronic technologies and techniques used to manage information and knowledge. In Nigeria, there are so many challenges facing the implementation of ICT in many facets of our economy. Information and communication technologies are as the name implies gadgets used for information and communication this includes; telephones, televisions, radios, computers amongst others.

Though Nigeria is not yet there as far as ICT infrastructure is concerned, it has been able to chalk some successes in attracting some foreign investors to the country. The breathtaking pace of penetration and uptake of mobile telephony and broadband Internet is supporting many new possibilities, products, and services; providing breakthrough ideas in agriculture, health, education, and access to finance; and helping local and international trade. However, despite these massive investments in ICT infrastructure and ICT capacity building, Nigeria still to a large extent is digitally isolated from the Global Village because it lacks the critical drive and strategies to harness the full potential of ICT for the socio-economic development of the country.

  1. One major identifiable challenge facing the development of the full potential of ICT for education, research and development in the country has been the brain drain syndrome. The effects of the brain drain can be argued to have contributed not only to lack of medical and other critical professionals in the country but also ICT gurus. This has resulted in the lack of the critical mass of ICT engineers and scientists relevant for undertaking ICT related projects professionally.
  2. The social function which the ICT is used for, that is to make and meet new friends has lead many to their abrupt end. Kidnappers and ritualists have through this medium deceived several people under the guise of trying to move from being virtual friends to real friends.
  3. ICT gadgets due to their far reaching capacity have been used by terrorists to create awareness and instill recognition and fear in the minds of the people. These gadgets are used to seek for information, human and material resources, gather sympathizers, recognition and maybe even respect. The wide dissemination puts the state in a condition of disarray, another feather in the cap of the terrorists.
  4. ICT gadgets are foreign products, constant purchase of them not only increases and benefits their economy but has also led to cultural imperialism. This is evident in the popularity of English language and dresses. Nigeria has over 250 languages of which English language is not one of them, yet it is our lingua franca, some people can not even speak their own native language, and their tribal wears looks alien to them.
  5. The high use of ICT has led many youths to the Loss of Identity. These youths have attached their sense of identity to their possession of the latest gadgets and are gratified when they have a good number of views and likes on the various social media. Not achieving these goals have lead to depression and other desperate actions such as posting some offensive pictures just to get some measure of attenion.
  6. E-War and Hate Propaganda
    ICT gadgets have been used as instruments of and for crime and propagation of hate propaganda in Nigeria. The E-tribal war between tribes in Nigeria has gained momentum online and have escalated in recent times. This is making the government program of One Nigeria nearly impossible. Gadgets that are supposedly to connect and reconnect friends and strangers have become a tool for propaganda and war.
  7. The internet is a virtual world, an extension of reality but research as confirmed that individuals spend and prefer to exist in the virtual world seeing this as an escape from the problems of reality. Technology-mediated relationships are speedily taking the place of interpersonal relationships.

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