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Profiling Dr. Gabriel Audu Oyibo, The ‘Black Einstein’ And The Creator Of GAGUT

prof G. oyibo

Dr. Gabriel Audu Oyibo, called the ‘Black Einstein’ and the creator of GAGUT, which stands for the “GOD Almighty Grand Unified Theorem” which is called the ‘Theory of Everything,’ is the man who solved Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity.’ Dr. Gabriel Audu Oyibo has still not been given the Nobel Prize in Physics or Mathematics by the Nobel Committee although he was nominated for the Noble Prize in 2002, 2003 and 2004, has sadly still not won the Noble Prize as of this date, April 2018.

Did You Know That A Black Man named DR. GABRIEL OYIBO Solved Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?

The white scientific community tried to question his findings and wrote articles like “Dr. Gabriel Oyibo: Genius or Madman?”

The Greatest Nigerian thinker – Professor Gabriel Oyibo

Professor Oyibo found the Unified Field Theory, the Holy Grail of Physics and Mathematics. His theorem, GOD ALMIGHTY’S GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM (GAGUT):

New York, NY — Einstein would have been proud to learn that Nobel Prize officials have nominated for a third time Professor Gabriel Oyibo in physics for proving Einstein’s most famous theory (E = MC2). Professor Oyibo, a Nigerian mathematician and physicist living on Long Island, New York, has discovered the Grand Unified Field Theory or the Theory of Everything (TOE). In essence, he has taken the work of Einstein to the next level proving the theory with sound mathematical equation. The work provides solution to the unified force field extending the work of Newton, Einstein and others, revising all of science from the elementary to university school level.

Of all the scientists in the world, Professor Oyibo has uniquely pulled together physic theories involving gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak forces as well as other forces that are currently unknown. No one has ever been able to unequivocally solve the theory until the present day work of Professor Oyibo. Recognizing the significance of this work, Professor Oyibo was initially nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2002 and 2003 and did not win. Known worldwide in his field and the recipient of countless awards, Professor Oyibo has been once again nominated this year for his work.

Crowning an incredible career which has included problem solving for NASA–where their experts at MIT and other
elite universities had deemed “impossible to solve” –Professor Oyibo initially entered his professional career by obtaining his PhD in Aeronautics and Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. There he worked for four years on NASA/AFOSR sponsored research and made several contributions in aircraft design, aerodynamics, aeroelasticity and mathematics. He taught several courses as well. Professor Oyibo’s fascinating and most acclaimed career is highlighted with countless achievements including:

Introduced the concept of Affine Transformations into the field of aeroelasticity, aeronautics, which is used by prominent researchers and aircraft companies around the world.

Professor Oyibo has solved the toughest problems in at least three disciplines, Navier-Stokes Equations (Mathematics); Turbulence (Aeronautics); The Theory of Everything or the Unified Field Theory (Mathematical Physics.) Gij, j = 0

Discovered that hydrogen is the only building block of the entire universe, there is ONLY ONE ELEMENT as opposed to the current, general belief that there are 118 ELEMENTS that form the basis of science  Briefed United States Senate on Unified Field Theory on January 27, 2000 in Washington, D.C.

Has been nominated for the Presidential Medal of Science and the Nobel Prize awards. These nominations have been supported by distinguished professors from prestigious universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) . The Cambridge International Biographical Centre (IBC-England) has conferred the following honors on
Professor Oyibo the International Personalty of the Year 2000-2001; 2000 Outstanding Scientist for the 21st Century; and among one of the One Hundred Most Outstanding Citizens of the World. Referenced in: Who’s Who in America Who’s. Who in Science and Engineering; Who’s Who in the World Received the Key to Miami Dade County and honored by the Miami Dade School Board, October 2002; Honored by the New York City Council, and the Huntington, N Y, Town Council, for his work and discoveries. Holds the AAA Journal worldwide publication record for 1983.

Selected by NATO/AGAR as a contributor to their unsteady transonic aerodynamic research.

Consultant to half a dozen aerospace companies around the world, the United States and the United Nations.

Recipient of several professional and scientific awards including the Associate Fellow Award from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AAA).

Found a new holograph technique for determining nonlinear two-dimensional unsteady and three-dimensional flow, resulting in a new analytical and wing design tool.

Developed new group theory methods in mathematics. The methods from the new group theory were first used to
solve the full Navier Stokes equations as well as Reynolds Averaged equations for turbulence.

Using the newly developed group theory methods he generalized and proved Einstein=s theorem (theory) in an article entitled GENERALIZED Mathematical Proof of Einstein’s Theory Using A New Group Theory which was published in a Russian and an American journal. This proof of Einstein’s theory has been recognized by the American Mathematical Society(AMS) in its Mathematical Reviews (ME) journal, MR 98e83007.C

He has discovered the Unified Field Theory or the Theory of Everything, the theory Albert Einstein searched for unsuccessfully most of his life, which he has published in the book entitled, Grand Unified Theorem@ which has been recognized by the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the European Mathematical Society(EMS). In 2002 published Highlights of the Grand Unified Theorem: Formulation of the Unified Field Theory or the Theory of Everything. Gij, j = 0. These monographs are found in prestigious university and other research libraries such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Princeton, ETH, (where Einstein obtained Ph.D.) UC Berkeley, Cornell University, McGill University (Canada), Columbia University, Los Alamos, Bell Labs.

Professor Oyibo has lectured widely on his discoveries and been interviewed on radio, television and print media. Editorial Board member “Nova Journal of Mathematics, Game Theory and Algebra”

Professor Oyibo has been involved in research and teaching at Polytechnic University beginning in 1986 serving as an Associate Professor of Aeronautics. He is currently a Professor of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences at the OFAPPIT Institute of Technology and the University of Bridgeport.

As historically known, Einstein summarized his theory down to the acclaimed (E = MC2). Professor Oyibo, in solving the theory, provides his solution in one equation where all logistics are keenly summarized and understood by the science world as: Gij, j = 0. The characteristic device for the representations of all mathematical solutions- e.g. of Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, So that where is called the proper time or space.

He also Discovered among many things that hydrogen is the only building block of the entire universe., it has been discovered through GAGUT that the Periodic Table of Elements has ONLY ONE ELEMENT as opposed to the current, general belief that there are 118 ELEMENTS that form the basis of science. GAGUT, therefore, changes all science as we know it.

Distinguished professors, such as Cambridge trained physicist Professor Joshua C. Anyiwo praise Professor Oyibo’s work as the “cleanest, most carefully articulated, most comprehensive and authentic presentation of a unifying theory of physics that I have ever encountered; and I have encountered quite a few of such works.”

Professor George Handelman, former head of the Mathematics Department at Brown University and the Amos Eaton Professor of Mathematics ranks Professor Oyibo “among those who have made significant contributions to the field, such as Lord Rayleigh, Werner Heisenberg, Sir Geoffery Taylor and Theodore von Karman.”

Additionally, Professor Edith Luchins, mathematics professor and an aide to Albert Einstein wrote, “The most exciting contribution to me, personally, is Professor Oyibo’s formulation of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory… I am thrilled that Gabriel Oyibo was the first to complete the task that intrigued and challenged Einstein and many other luminaries in science. Moreover, he did so in a mathematically elegant manner. Professor Oyibo’s contributions are extremely important, both theoretically and practically. They place him in the ranks of world class scientists. He is eminently qualified for the Nobel Prize in Physics.”

The GAGUT discovery has been published in a reputable mathematics journal that has readership in the most prestigious universities. The GAGUT discovery is recognized by the American and European Mathematical Societies as well as the American Institute of Physics. The GAGUT discovery has also been recognized by over 2,000 students, staff and professors from the following schools: Harvard University (120); 2. Columbia University (300); 3. MIT( 296); 4. SUNY Stony Brook (1, 070 ); 5. RPI ( 300); 6. NYU ( 300).

“We the students and faculty, wish to express our desire to have Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo, Professor of  Mathematics and Nobel Prize nominee, give a lecture at our campus about the discovery of the Theory of Everything ( GAGUT- for which he has been nominated for the Nobel Prize.) We feel that a lecture and discussion about the scientific and social implications of this theory would be beneficial to our school by broadening our academic and social awareness.”

Oyibo lines up again for Nobel Prize in Mathematics and Physics

New York- US (PANA) — Ahead of next month’s selection of this year’s winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, African leaders and intellectuals are hoping Nigerian scientist Dr. Gabriel Audu Oyibo gets the honor yet to be landed by a scholar from the continent.

A Professor of mathematical physics at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Dr. Oyibo became an international figure during his 2002 and 2003 nominations for the world Nobel Prize for Math and Physics, after his newly discovered theories in physics were found to have outranked the 1983 winner, Chandrasekhar and equaled the 1979 winner, Abdu Salam.

His two works, ‘The Grand Unified Theorem: Representation of the Unified Field Theory or the Theory of Everything’ and his other work ‘The Grand Unified Theorem: Discovery of the Theory of Everything and the Fundamental Building Block of Quantum Theory’ have caused major reviews on the subjects in Europe and the Americas.

He was also compared with the 1959 winner Murray Gell-Man, whose work was based on the discovery that more than 100 sub-atomic elements were made from three types of “quarks,” greatly simplifying particle physics.

Dr. Gabriel Oyibo got his third nomination for the Nobel Prize this year in Physics for the discovery of God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT), the study of atomic particles also known as power elements, and he reduced the 118-elements to just one. This is a departure from the long-held belief in Albert Einstein whose 118-element base science dominated the world for nearly a century.

Although Dr. Gabriel Oyibo has attracted attention from the UN Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC), his works are yet to receive global sympathy, especially as the discovery tends to re-write the entire science curricula worldwide.

A senior Nigerian official recently called on African heads of state to urgently create an international prize with financial value higher than the Nobel Prize, in which the Nigerian scientist, Dr. Gabriel Audu Oyibo should be its first winner.
“This prize shall subsequently take care of the apparent political discrimination in the award of the prestigious Nobel Prize,” the commissioner for public utilities in Nigeria’s eastern state of Ebonyi, Anthony Agbo said in an open letter to President Olusegun Obasanjo.

He also asked the continent’s leaders to convince Dr. Oyibo to “establish an affiliate of his Ofappit Institute of Technology in Nigeria for scientific research and training of African students.
” Commissioner Agbo argued that Dr. Gabriel Oyibo’s discovery of the theory of everything through his “God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem” called for a national reception in Nigeria to be attended by prominent African leaders and intellectuals.

The commissioner, who described Dr. Oyibo’s scientific exploits as the greatest intellectual achievement from the Stone Age to the 21st century, suggested massive financial support for OIT so that the discovery would not be hijacked by richer nations.
“We should not wait for the powerful nations to provide this fund and reap the economic benefits,” he said.

“Dr. Oyibo has not only discovered the unified theory which Einstein was not able to formulate and of which great nations were in fierce competition as to who will discover it, but he has also advanced to formulate theories that virtually explain everything about the physical universe and existence, and provide solutions,” he noted.

GAGUT provided the equation that Gij,j = 0, where Gij represents God, for believers, and a force that produces all the power in the universe, for scientists or those who do not believe in God.

The equation, Commissioner Agbo observed, can produce the greatest bomb in the world, can produce a cure for HIV/AIDS, cancer and other strange diseases, and can explain the mystery of God, life, death, immortality, among others. “Nigeria is blessed to have it.

It is greater than the World Cup or Olympic Games, it is greater than possessing the atomic or thermonuclear bombs. Indeed, a black African has conquered the world,” he said.

Barely two months after Dr. Oyibo called for support from African nations to help transform his discovery into development, his home government has invited him to head a new initiative, the Nigerian Experts and Academics in the Diaspora Scheme (NEADS).

The center of his work is the discovery that contrary to previously held notion that there were 118-elements in the sciences, there is only one element, and that GAGUT or the theory of everything could spark development in Africa and elsewhere.

Dr. Gabriel Audu Oyibo has said his new science formula of Gij,j = 0 has become a platform for Africans to reassert themselves to the leadership of the world. “What we have done through GAGUT has brought Africans into their historical leadership of the world, in the sense that our people discovered and taught the world in the past,” he posited, adding that his discovery could prepare the whole of Africa to provide its own infrastructure in health, automobile industry, air plane, computers, roads and water supply.

Dr. Gabriel Audu Oyibo announced that the Ofappit Institute of Technology, home to GAGUT, would conduct a workshop between 25 and 29 October to explain the benefits of the discovery to students, teachers and education administrators.

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