Quick Steps To Starting A Groundnut Business

Step 1: Learn How to Fry Groundnut

Before venturing into any business you definitely need to have adequate knowledge of it. You must learn and be perfect in frying groundnut before you start groundnut business.

You can do this either by going for a formal practice or just seeking advice from experts in this field. However, you choose just know that doing so will give an insight into what you intend doing and it would not take much time learning it.

Step 2: Choose a Location

There no doubt to the fact that groundnut is consumed by up to 80% Nigerians but selecting a location with a good population may be of added advantage to you.

However, you can still start the business wherever you are then with time move it to high populated places. Places like schools, major streets, motor parks as well as supplying to supermarkets.

Step 3: Buy & Fry your Groundnut

Since you are new in the system you don’t necessarily need to buy a very large quantity of groundnut as you will use this first time for testing and observation. As such, buy a considerable quantity of groundnut and fry.

Well, here are steps to follow if you have not fried groundnut before.

  1. Wash your groundnut with water and remove in less than a minute (most people prefer to sprinkling water, claiming it makes the groundnut taste better)
  2. Add salt to it
  3. Spray and allow it to dry properly
  4. Prepare your fire and pot (a flat button pot of big fry-pan is advisable)
  5. Pour cup(s) of garri or sand and allow it to heat up properly
  6. Pour you’re your groundnut until it is done (usually looks somehow brownish in color)
  7. Pour it out and allow cool a bit
  8. Tie them with waterproof or whatever container you want to

At this point, your groundnut is ready for sale


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