QuickLaw: This Startup Is Addressing Challenges Accessing Legal Services In Nigeria

Online legal support platform QuickLaw is addressing the challenges associated with acquiring legal services in Nigeria by giving users access to a network of highly qualified legal professionals online.

Launched in January, QuickLaw connects users to qualified lawyers across various areas of practice, simply and effectively.

“We combine the availability of free legal information, the ability to purchase carefully vetted agreements and access to a wide range of legal services,” said Sade Michael, chief executive officer (CEO) of QuickLaw.

The idea for the startup came about back in 2017, when Michael was first exposed to the legal climate in Nigeria. 

“It became apparent that the majority of Nigeria’s working population lacked access to reliable and fast legal services. They were unable to meet the high prices of the services available or simply lacked awareness of the services catering to their needs,” he said.

Though there are other platforms offering legal services in Nigeria, such as DIYlaw, LawPadi, Law Strive and MyLaw, which Michael says are all excellent platforms providing an alternative means of accessing legal services, QuickLaw claims to go deeper. 

“QuickLaw is the only platform offering services that go beyond company incorporations,” Michael said. “Our service offerings include commercial services, property matters, personal injury matters, and much more. Our service list spans across various practice areas. It is our vision to be a “one stop shop” for all things legal, giving users a seamless experience.”

Self-funded to this point, QuickLaw has seen positive uptake since its launch.

“We are pleased to see that people have had a positive reaction to our product offerings. Uptake has been immensely encouraging,” said Michael.

The startup is currently working closely with the agriculture, technology and transportation sectors, with Michael saying it was the company’s mission to reach a much wider audience.

“We are looking to touch on more sectors in the coming months, such as the entertainment, hospitality and the creative industries,” he said.


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