Read What Eating A Slice Of Pizza Can Do To Your Body In 3 Hours – Must Read

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If you didn’t know, a single slice of pizza has 311 calories. We all know that we cannot stick to one piece of pizza, so it means that we get much more calories.

Calories are the last thing to worry, now that you will read what actually happens to your body after you eat a slice of pizza.

After 10 minutes

When you start eating pizza, the first bites activate centers of pleasure in your brain, but as you get to the crust, you will enjoy less. When consuming pizza, your digestive tract releases enzymes that break up carbohydrates into sugars, which are later used as a fuel.

After 10-15 minutes

These sugars start to circulate in your body, but this movement slowers down due to the fats from the cheese. You will experience bloating in your stomach, because your body still dissolves the food. This results in releasing gasses, especially when you eat great amounts and you eat too fast.

After 15-20 minutes

There is a hormone in our organism that tells us to stop eating, and it is called leptin. Its levels increase along with glucose levels in cells. When you stop eating, your cells will stop absorbing sugar, which is then sent to the liver.

After a while, sugars are transformed and stored as fat.

After 30 minutes:

If you are still hungry, you will experience an energy boost which will result in producing of the hunger hormone called ghrelin. Your body starts dissolving fats, but since fats in pizza are saturated, they may clog your arteries.

Those who are genetically predisposed or those who eat fast food on regular basis can experience this problem.

After 45-60 minutes

You don’t feel hungry anymore since your blood pressure goes up and leptin levels increase.

After 3-4 hours

Your body starts producing ghrelin hormone again, since sugar levels are normal again. It is recommended to consume a low-fat snack since triglycerides from dissolved fats are still high.

Eating pizza sometimes will not affect you appearance and your health, but a regular consumption of fast foods will not only bring you extra pounds, but will cause you health problems as well.

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