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Read Full Report: The Beyond a Curved Spine Initiative Scoliosis Open House 2018

In order to celebrate the worldwide Scoliosis Awareness month of June, Beyond A Curved Spine Initiative held her first since forever Scoliosis Open House on Saturday, June 30th, 2018, at the Providence Hall, Ikeja, Lagos. The occasion was themed “Got Your Back 18”.

The Open House was held to raise Scoliosis Awareness and additionally talking about help for Scoliosis Warriors. The occasion included discussions around early discovery, Scoliosis treatment and life encounters.

Dr. Obiodu of the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi opened the floor with in-depth session on Scoliosis: What is Scoliosis? Following this educative session was a short-talk by 13-year old Zainab Disu, who shared her living-with-scoliosis experience so far – through detection to treatment and coping amongst her secondary school peers.

Afterwards were sessions from professionals including; Physiotherapist Tinuade Olanrewaju the CEO of Physiocraft Nigeria, Physiotherapist Opeyemi Bakre of Pro-Health Community Physiotherapists, Orthotist Bunmi Aguda of Greater Walks Orthopaedic Services and Dr. Michelle Neff of Physio Centers of Africa. Dr. Neff’s session was really practical as she demonstrated some easy-to-do exercises for Scoliosis patients.

Scoliosis Warriors Christian Oyor and Itunu Ajayi also took turns to share their experiences through bracing, surgery, childbirth and dealing with self-esteem.

Attendees (including Scoliosis warriors, medical professionals and others) were given the opportunity to ask questions during the panel sessions and to partake in the free screening sessions.
Founders, Abimbola Oladapo and Abisola Oni shared their living-with-Scoliosis story, their journey into birthing the Beyond A Curved Spine vision to help raise awareness and provide support to Scoli-Warriors and the organisation’s plans to create greater impact going forward.

#GotYourBack18 drives home the necessity for everyone to be Scoliosis Aware.

“We all have the power to change a child’s world. The change I’m referring to doesn’t involve mountains of time or even a large charitable contribution. It’s a fairly simple step that has the potential to change a life. It could change one’s self image, interactions with others, as well as improve their happiness and quality of life. All you have to do is be observant. Screening your child for scoliosis is so very important. Why? Because early diagnosis leads to better outcomes!” – Marce K


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