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Read The Inspiring Story Of Public Administration Graduate Who Turned Shoemaker, Making Waves In The Busines

With the unemployment rate in our nation, secondary schools and universities are starting to add entrepreneurial skills to their courses for students to learn. Despite this effort, some youths are still defiant as they believe blindly in the white-collar jobs that are gradually becoming out of reach. If all the youths in the society will learn various skills, things will be a lot more different and our standard of living will be improved.

While education is necessary, the smart ones in the society know that it is impossible for everyone to sit down in offices. They have identified various needs in their environments and are making moves to meet those needs. Thus, they go on to learn trades that will make them provide services for people in the society.

Aishat Ayowunmi Raufu is a dedicated young lady who has decided to venture into the art of shoe-making. Like many Nigerians, being jobless made her explore this potential and she is doing well as a female shoemaker. There is something beautiful about trying out a vocational job that is supposedly meant for men. The young lady started her shoe-making company and is proud of the decision she made despite the series of challenges she has faced. The 24-year-old entrepreneur was born and bred in Lagos state even though she hails from Irepodun local government area in Kwara.

She studied public administration at the university where she graduated. The young lady confessed that being a female shoemaker was not her plan as she has always wanted to go into makeup. Raufu was lucky enough to be advised by her cousin who asked her to do something else. Her love for shoes made her pick the skill instead. Her shoe-making company kicked off about 5 and a half years ago. The story of this young lady is a beautiful one as joblessness made her opt in for the skill she acquired. It is quite possible for her to be pushed around by a boss if she had not explored her options. She found a passion that surpassed the need to make money with this business. Raufu got motivated by friends, clients and family members who did not allow her quit when things were rough.


The young entrepreneur wants to take the shoe-making business a notch higher; she has plans to train school kids on the art of shoe-making. This training will be during the summer holiday. According to her, she wants to bring in machines from Italy and China in order to come up with better brands of shoes. Raufu had given up on this business several times but the thought of earning salary pushed her back. See more pictures of the shoes made by Aeesha shoes:

1. Beautiful

The testimony of Aishat, the Nigerian female shoemaker

2. Raufu doing her thing

The testimony of Aishat, the Nigerian female shoemaker

3. Neat job

The testimony of Aishat, the Nigerian female shoemaker

What do you think of Raufu and these shoes?


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