Read More About NTA Jos, The First Coloured TV Station In West Africa

With the promulgation of Decree 24 by the then Federal Military Government in May 1977 the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) was born. The decree which took effect retrospectively from April 1976 brought all the ten existing television stations under the control of the Federal Government of Nigeria. These included Western Nigerian Television (WNTV) established in 1959 which later became NTA Ibadan, Eastern Nigerian Television (ENTV) 1960 later to be known as NTA Enugu and Radio Kaduna Television (RKTV) in 1962 which later split to become NTA Kaduna and FRCN Kaduna. These were established by their various regional governments.

  • Channel : TV
  • License Type : Terrestrial Television
  • Frequency : 189.25Mhz video, 194
  • Director General : Mr. Sola Omole
  • Channel URL :

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All complaints decided by the Council may be made publicly available including the name of the complainant. However, in the event of complainant has valid concerns relating to privacy issues in making a complaint, the Council may in its absolute discretion consider requests from the complainant for anonymity/ confidentiality


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