How A Nigerian-Born British Man Escaped Death In The Hands Of A Student In Britain

Vincent Uzomah
source: 5star
According to Dailymail, Vincent Uzomah, 51, a teacher from Leeds was stabbed in the classroom by a 14-year-old pupil with a six inch knife.
The incident happened while he was working as a supply teacher at Dixons Kings Academy, in Bradford in June 2015.
Speaking to Leah Green on a new 5Star documentary airing this week, Vincent said he has been unable to return to work since the terrifying incident and is still struggling to understand why he was targeted.
Recalling what happened on the fateful day, he said: ‘I trying to write down the register and I noticed he stood up and walked to the door which was close to my right.
‘I beckoned him to go back to his seat, he ignored me, when I turned to write he was behind me.
‘Then all I noticed something hit hard on my tummy. I turned around and he had his arm out, that is when I saw the long knife – almost six inches long – in his hand covered in blood. I looked down he was standing facing me with the knife in his hand.
‘I said “did you stab me?” and he ran out of the class.’
Vincent Uzomah 1
Vincent tells 5Star presenter Leah Green about the incident.
The young offender, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was jailed for 11 years last August after pleading guilty to GBH with intent at Bradford Crown Court. Christian father-of-three Vincent said he thanks god that he is still alive after the knife attack.
‘He was standing behind me, he didn’t know where the knife would go, it could have gone to my heart or kidney,’ he said. ‘I thank my god that the knife did not destroy major organs.’
He said his faith has enabled him to forgive the boy for what he did, although he is still struggling to understand why it happened.
‘The question I asked the most was “why? Why?”,’ he said.
In court it was revealed the boy was motivated by racial hatred.
‘He was telling his friends he had this black teacher he was going to stab,’ Vincent said.
‘He never called me names to my face but the police interviewed other kids and when they were testifying they said he was boasting in their presence, calling me racist names.’
The father-of-three said after he realised he had been stabbed, he immediately thought of teacher Ann Maguire, who had died after being stabbed by a pupil at a school in his home town of Leeds the year before.
‘It was strong in my mind,’ he said of Ann’s death. ‘I was thinking this is my time now, my turn to die likewise.’
Vincent spoke to Leah on the show When Kids Kill, a documentary.
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