This Is The Reason Why Most Taxicabs In Lagos Are Painted Yellow

Have you been to Lagos before? Did you noticed that in the entire streets of Lagos, taxicabs are painted yellow. Check New York City as well, they are also painted yellow. This same colour is used on taxicabs in several cities around the world.

The video below from Business Insider explains why yellow is the most preferred colour for taxicabs worldwide.

The reason is yellow cabs have fewer accidents.

The video says.. “Researchers have discovered a very good reason yellow cabs end up in fewer accidents. They used Singapore as a case study using some yellow and some blue cabs. Over 16,000 of these cabs were tracked for 3 months.. It was concluded that yellow cabs are easier to see, therefore, they have a lower chance of being hit”.

Could this mean that you are safer inside Lagos yellow cabs? Tell us what you think in the comment section.


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