Reno Stirs Controversy With Anti-Feminism Tweets

reno omokri

An aid to former president Goodluck Jonathan, and a very outspoken personality, Reno Omokiri has somewhat controversially weighed onto the feminism debate, declaring that Feminism is un-biblical and from the pit of hell.

The movement seeking to empower women and bring them up on an equal footing with men is famously at odds with some Biblical principles, but rather than point his fingers at the notoriously misogynistic book, Reno seems to agree with it.

In a series of tweets posted on his favorite social media site, Twitter, Reno reached deep into the bible to come up with justifications as to why feminism is un-biblical and therefore bad. One of his reasons appears to stem from the fact that there was no woman among Jesus’ disciples.

The internet went into a frenzy and many social media users had a lot to say against the pastor, especially women.

Omokiri who appears to have been directing his message to a group women who believe that system of patriarchy is Nigeria is sickening, decided to shut them up with his own take on the matter. Read his tweets below;

It is often mistakenly believed that Jesus had 12 disciples. Not true. He had about 600. Many of the most devout disciples were women. But He chose 12 MEN out of them to be Apostles. Jesus was NOT a FEMINIST. FEMINISM is ANTI CHRIST and of devilish origin#FeminismIsUnbiblical

The Bible has no room for FEMINISM. The concept didn’t originate in the mind of a human being. It originated from the mind of the devil and was subliminally planted in peoples’ mind. “Neither was MAN created for WOMAN, but WOMAN for MAN.”-1 Corinthians 11:9#FeminismIsUnbiblical

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