‘Rich Quick’ Syndrome Among Youths, Comedan Alibaba Laments


Popular comedian, Alibaba, has urged Nigerians to embrace the principle of hard work and perseverance rather that the get rich quick mentality that has taken over many, especially the youths.

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The comedian said that the rich quick syndrome has eaten so deep into youths that anytime he tries to encourage young comedians to persevere and do it for the passion, they wave his words off.


He told HipTv, “What is happening in Nigeria is that we all like to see the finished product. We all like to hear the story of how the people made money but what they went through, that’s the big problem.

Once in a while when we talk to young comedians, they say ‘it’s not the passion, it’s because you’ve already made money’.
The get rich quick syndrome is taking over so badly. People are seeing those who didn’t have anything, suddenly becoming so rich in less than a year which is why we are having all these Yahoo Yahoo boys and all the fast track boys. It is important for us to keep drumming the message.”


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