Romantic Ideas That Does Not Work With Nigerian Women

Below are 5 acts which are deemed romantic abroad but makes you look stingy and foolish at the same time in Nigeria.
1. Sending Her Flowers
Lets say that some women in Nigeria love flowers but the point is that they’ll rather have something else. You can’t show up on her doorstep with a bunch of flowers on her birthday. Even though she’ll accept it, she’ll also be looking out for the real present while concluding that you are a stingy man sent by her village witches to frustrate her life. If she cheats on you at this point, Your stinginess should be blamed.
2. Looking At The Moon or Skyline
I always find it fascinating when I see all these Americans and Europeans talking about how romantic it is watching the sunset or the full moon with your partner. Try that on a Nigerian lady and see. She’ll pretend to like it but she’ll be thinking, “What’s this mumu guy thinking?” Will the moon recharge my phone? The more open ones will ask you if na moon we go chop. So sad
3. Going For A Walk At The Park
A guy abroad asks a lady out and they fix a date. On the appointed day, they go for ice cream and then have a walk at the park just talking. At some point, they’ll just sit on a bench or just sit on the grass to enjoy chatting with each other and knowing each other. I’m still thinking about how to do this with a Nigerian lady. May work in the Campus but for as grown-ass man and a lady..Hmmm. Oga, you are on your own especially if the girl has dated all those loaded Igbo boys at Alaba.
4. Going To The Zoo
A zoo is where various animals are kept and can be viewed by the public. Outside, people go out on a date at the zoo. They just go there, watch the animals, take pictures and bond. That wouldn’t work here whiles there’s Shoprite everywhere. I remember one experience my friend had way back. The dude took the babe he was still toasting to a zoo and the girl was like “Bros, This is why I dont date eyeglass wearing book worm  like you. Do I look like an animal to you? abeg Zoo is for animals, come lets go to Mr Biggs” I dont blame her though, Ice cream is better than watching monkeys and snakes. lol
5. Visiting An Arts Gallery or Museum
It’s beautiful to go see exotic paintings or things of historical significance with your partner. I mean, whats so romantic than savoring that sweet moment with a loved one? Unfortunately, I’m yet to see a Nigerian girl who’ll agree to a date at an arts gallery.

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