How Rubbing Someone Else’s Sweat On Your Armpit Can Help Treat Body Odour – New Study

Dark Armpits

The research which was led by Dr Chris Callewart from the University of California, San Diego, found that applying the sweat of another person without body odor, treats body odour by replacing strong-smelling armpit bacteria with some that do not smell as bad, causing your armpits to be tricked into breeding nicer smelling bacteria.

A new study has claimed that if you have body odour, you can treat it by rubbing the sweat of a more fragrant family member under your armpit and this will help treat your body odour.

The method of treatment which is called bacteria transplant was tested on two identical twins – one of whom suffered from bad body odour, while the other had little to no smell.

The twin without body odour was told not to bath for four days so as to produce more of his non-smelling sweat while the twin with body odour was told to bath every day using antibacterial soap.

Dr Callewart proceeded to rub the sweat of the twin without body odour on the other twin who has body odour and they found that the twin with body odour became treated of his bad smell and has been odour free for over a year now.

The experiment has been done several times again and the result has been steady so far.

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