How To Safeguard Your Children Against Molestation


These days, news of child molestation and pedophilia acts are common occurrence. Most of these occurrences can be reduced if children are fortified with the necessary information from an early age. Below are a list of things you need to teach your children so as to avoid sexual molestation.

1. Ensure your children, especially the female ones do not sit on anyone’s lap, close relations inclusive.

2. Do not allow your children to be called pet names like ‘my wife’ or ‘my husband’. Discourage it immediately.

3. Do not appear unclothed in the presence of your little children. Inculcate in them the importance of privacy.

4. Teach them how to wash their privates parts themselves and warn them never to allow anybody else touch them in sensitive areas.

5. Once your children complain about someone, do not keep quiet. Investigate immediately

6. Know the type of activities your children play with their friends. Young people abuse one another sometimes.

7. Do not force our children to visit any adult they are not comfortable with. Also, when your children are suddenly fond of a particular adult, make sure you investigate.

8. Place embargo on materials (movies, songs, books) with sensitive contents that may affect your children. Go through any new materials you buy for them too. Most of them contain graphic sexual contents.

9. Once a very lively child suddenly becomes withdrawn you may need to patiently ask lots of questions from your child.

10. Ensure you teach your older children the right values of sex. If you do not, the society will tech them negative values

11. Have active parental controls on cable networks and when your children visit their friends, advice the parents to enforce such.

12. Make sure your children understand the essence of standing out in all circumstances. Being different from the crowd is always commendable.

Remember, you can’t be too careful.
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