Save Your Relationship By Putting Your Phone Away – Study

If you’ve ever wondered whether your dependency on your cellphone is having an impact on your relationship, well, wonder no more. A new study conducted by the University of Arizona provides insightful answers.

Other studies have suggested that smartphones are indispensable for many young people, so much so that many feel they can’t live without them. The University of Arizona’s study, titled Should It Stay or Should It Go Now? Smartphone and Relational Health, looked at the link between smartphone habits and the effects they have on a relationship.

The findings show that people who had partners who were constantly on their phones were less likely to be happy with their relationship. We probably didn’t need a study to tell us this,  but it’s great that there’s a study to back it up.

Here’s how to practise less screen time so you can give your relationship more attention: 

Disable work emails on your phone 

Technology has made it almost impossible to actually “leave” work. You might leave the building, but if your phone is constantly going off afterwards and you’re giving it attention, you’ll never really stop working. This can put strain on your relationship.

The best way to detach from work is to disable work emails on your phone. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but it will save data – and probably your relationship too.

It ultimately comes down to setting boundaries between your work life and your personal life. It’s important that your boss knows they can’t email you at 9 pm and expect a response soon after that, among other things.

Disable social media

If you’re in a relationship, there’s plenty of time to interact face to face, so there’s really no need for social media notifications from them to be switched on. They only serve as a distraction to what’s in front of you. The only time you should be on your phone with your partner is when you’re showing them something hilarious you came across on Facebook or Instagram, for example – otherwise, turn notifications off.

Have a no-phone time everyday 

Most of the time, whatever is happening on your phone has nothing to do with what you’re currently busy with. It’s a good idea to put your phone on flight mode during the two busiest hours of your day.

Leave it out of reach 

When you’re with someone, in fact, even when you’re by yourself, it’s not always necessary to have your phone right next to you. Assign different places in your house where you can place your phone, but not near you. For example, when you get home, leave your phone on the table or a shelf that’s out of reach. This will help you avoid reaching for it every time you feel a bit bored.


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