See The Blunder Committed By Senator Ben Bruce’s Silverbird TV That Got People Talking

Nigerians have been quick to point out a glaring error made by one of Nigeria’s foremost Television outlets, Silverbird TV.

While giving a report on a gruesome killing in Rivers state where armed men killed an APC chieftain by beheading him, Silverbird Television made an error which has gotten Nigerians talking on social media.
See what the media outlet posted below:
Instead of simply writing: “Rivers Boils as Gunmen Behead Politician” the media outlet wrote: “Rivers Boils as Gunmen Behead Politicians ‘Head'” 
Upon sighting the error, Nigerians immediately took to social media to joke about it.
One Matthew Enejo wrote: Soon these editors will start beheading our legs with this type of grammar…lol”

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