See Photos Of How A Man Used “Juju” to Secure His Car From Thieves

This is really serious! A man whose car broke down in Zambia has taken extraordinary measures to secure his costly car the African way. He went traditional by using ‘African Juju’ and pot to discourage anyone from trying to steal it.

Though the “Juju” is fake..Apparently, He just put the “Juju” there to scare off thieves.. Lol, See How He Captioned The Photos below:

Last night my car developed a fault and could not move.. My Komboni is full of petty thieves.. I knew I will find my car without tyres and side mirrors.. Being the smart guy I am.. I just had to use “African Anti Theft Method”.. This morning I found my car very intact.. Not even a fly or mosquito touched it.. ????? ‪#‎Umuntu‬ ni Thinking ??






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