Seven Million Litres of Booze to be Gulped at World’s Biggest Beer Festival

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About six million visitors are expected to come to Munich for the 184th Oktoberfest, which runs through 3 October.
The 184th Oktoberfest is underway in Munich, with millions of beer drinkers set to descend on the German city for the world’s biggest beer festival.Millions of litres will be consumed in the packed beer tents over the two-week event, which was officially opened by the city’s Mayor on 17 September. The festival runs until 3 October.

It’s not only about drinking beer – there are fairground rides, musicians and parades for non-boozers.

Earlier this month, sports giant, Adidas, launched a pair of beer- and vomit-proof trainers especially for the festival.

In proper perspective

Festival goers have however said the Oktoberfest is not all about beer. “It is the celebration of the marriage of the King to the Austrian Princess Maria Theresia.

“It became a fall festival in October and was then moved to September because of better weather,”
 a respondent to the story, published in YahooNews, says.

Testimonies from earlier participants
Various testimonies have come from participants the world over, though.“Last year, they had to build an entire wall around the festival for the first time to prevent terrorist attacks,” someone wrote.

“Oktoberfest is awesome. Was there two years ago, nothing like drinking 1.5 litre mugs of Hofbrau. Prost!!

“Was stationed in Germany and have been to Oktoberfest a couple of times and had a great time. It is amazing to watch these servers carry 20 filled 1.5 litres of beer in thick heavy mugs.

“There is no place in the U.S. were they would have a festival and serve beer in glass mugs,” another commented.

“I met people from all over the world and Germans from all parts of Germany. People stand and dance on the benches and tables. The police let everyone have their fun, they don’t haul you off to jail like they do here in the USA.

“Nobody was arrested for ‘public intoxication.’ Here, you stand on the bench or table, and here come the police. Can’t wait to go back,” says another festival goer.

Then the top comment: “I’d rather do my drinking at home in Berlin. On the plus side, in a week or two, my local supermarket will have a lot of surplus Oktoberfest beer at a discount price.”

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